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Do You Believe In Psychic Abilities?

In the mid to late 1970s, I was part of the fund-raising concerts for indigent heart patients at the Philippine Heart Center for Asia. We had Andy Williams, Jack Jones and Tony Bennett. The last concert I was involved with was the Tony Bennett Show, and I was in-charge of advertising, solicitation and the distribution of tickets. We were targeting executives of multinational companies and other large companies in the Philippines. The ticket for this dinner concert was Php 5,000 per plate. In those days, minimum wage was Php 13.00 per day (Php 260 per month). You can gauge how much the price of the ticket for this concert in those days.

The Manila Hotel.

One morning, I went to Manila Hotel to see the guy running the hotel, an official business regarding the concert. As I sat at the hotel’s restaurant, waiting for my breakfast order, a guy in Barong Tagalog approached my table, smiled and said:

“May I join you?”

The place was full of people, and I was the only one sitting alone at a table, and I told the guy:
“My pleasure.”

He sat across from me, and the waiter came. The guy in-front of me ordered his breakfast, and the waiter turned away. I felt the goodness of the person in-front of me.

“Since we’re sitting at the same table, maybe we should introduce ourselves to each other? My name is Brother John.”

“Now, that’s unusual,” I said. “You’re telling me that your first name is Brother, and your last name is John?”

He laughed nervously. “You already know my initials, but you refuse to concentrate to find what they mean.”

“Actually, no. I have no idea.”

“Okay, my name is John. John Edralin. I used to be a seminarian. My dream was to become a priest. Now, people I know simply call me Brother John.”

“And what happened to your dream?”

“Didn’t you know? Some are called, and others are chosen.”

“Interesting,” I said. “Did you know that my original dream was to become a priest as well? I’ve always dreamed of helping people of their spirituality. I’ve always imagined myself delivering the sermon, inspiring the congregation to have hope, believe in love, and learn charity. Man, it would have been the noblest thing I could have done for my fellow man.”

“We’ve actually known that, didn’t we?” Brother John said. “I have chosen your table because I felt you.”

“You felt me? What do you mean?”

“I guess I can’t encourage you to participate in an exercise.”

He took out his pen and several sheets of writing paper. He started to draw. Four hearts. Then a TV screen. Then he said: “You’re connected to these things, aren’t you?”

Is this guy trying to bull shit me? He must have known that I was involved in Imelda Marcos’ fund-raising campaign for the poor heart patients confined at the Philippine Heart Center for Asia. The hospital’s logo of course has the image of four hearts. And the TV screen, why, I was also involved in television.

But, before I could do anything, he spoke again: “You’re missing the Bicol Region. You adore the place. But, you were heart-broken once and you’re afraid to revisit sad memories of your adolescent.”

I felt violated, and I got up to bolt out of the restaurant.

“Your father is very sick right now. I am so sorry. It won’t be long now before he leaves us. But then again, this is no longer news to you, is it?”

I couldn’t believe what he said. I sat down.

A lone coyote in the memorial park. I tried to lure it to come towards me but it just went away.

“Please don’t play with my emotion right now. I’m so emotionally drained because of my father’s illness. If this is a joke, please stop it.”

“Why do you refuse to acknowledge what you have?” He started writing again. This time, a name: Erlinda.

“She misses you like the way you miss her. You bid her goodbye when you were thirteen. Tears were running down her cheeks when you kissed her lips. You miss her so much, don’t you?”

I felt a cold chill on the back of my head. This guy was pushing me to the brink.
“I do,” I said, totally succumbing to his words. They were all so true.

“You were not meant for each other, and you know that already. You have to think of her as one of your friends. You will meet other women and will eventually find your partner. You will be very happy, but it will be short-lived.”

“Short-lived? And why is that?”

The waiter came. He placed our order at the table. For me: Mango juice, Cassava bibingka, and a fruit platter. For him: Coffee, several toasted bread with butter, strips of fried bacon, truffled egg benedict.

“You already know the answer,” he said after the waiter went away. “Why do you still ask me? You still can live your life to the fullest despite all the outcome. When the right moment comes, you’ll be okay. It will be difficult, but there’s nothing that you can’t overcome.”

“You’re a fortune teller” I said.

He smiled like an imp.

“You know I’m not. You know exactly what I am. What I read, feel, you also do. We both know the past, the present and the future. You know you’re going to the USA, but you will live in a country that begins with a letter C,” then he laughed, almost giggling, teasing me.

“Not really,” I said.

He smiled: “Why do you still refuse to recognize your gift?” He said. “I know the things you see, you felt. They were trying to reach out for you since your childhood, yet you refuse to listen to them. You know what I’m talking about, and I won’t insist that you embrace it. Whether you accept it or reject it, there will be no significant effect in your life. If you decide to go for it, join the Rosicrucians. It will reinforce what you already have. I developed my gift fully after I joined the group. Don’t deny the things you’ve seen since your childhood. You’ve pulled the shut off valve to the spirits in the house, the evil ones trying to hurt you. You’ve shrugged your shoulders at them instead of acknowledging them. They will not leave you until you face them and pay attention to them.”

Mountainview cemetery in Vancouver, BC. Hundreds of Hollywood films were shot in this cemetery, including TV series such as Highlander, The X Files, Vampire Diaries and many more.

I didn’t say a word. I knew what he was talking about.

Finally, I told him: “If you’re indeed for real, tell me at what age I will die.”

“Is this a test?” He replied, smiling sweetly. “Here’s a piece of paper. Write down a number. Make sure you cover it so I don’t see it. I will write a number. I will hide it so you won’t see it. Then, both of us will reveal what we’ve written on the table.”

I took the paper, and I wrote a number. He also wrote something on his paper. Then, we both placed our pieces of paper on the table. Both papers said: 78.


Blogger Wordsmith said...

Yes, indeed I do.

January 21, 2010 at 5:15 AM  
Blogger Reno said...

How old are you now, JM? If you live to be 78, then I guess 2012 won't be the end of the world, after all. :)

Oh, and great story. I recently watched The Men Who Stare at Goats, about the US government having a psychic division and training people to develop their powers. It's a good movie. I recommend you watch it.

January 21, 2010 at 7:23 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Thank God you're not laughing at me. I never tell people this because they tend to ridicule you. It's a difficult thing to have because it's like a baggage of some sort. I am the emphatic kind, and it is difficult to be in a crowded place. I try to stay away from crowds because people's emotions drain me. I feel their anger, sadness, and other strong emotions. Meeting someone who possessed the same gift and pushing you to acknowledge what you have is a double whammy, especially if you are trying to quash this phenomenon from your mind.

January 21, 2010 at 11:14 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Ako'y magiging limampung taon gulang na sa taong ito. Kapag sinasabi ko ang edad ko sa mga tao, walang naniniwala sa akin. Akala nila, kasing edad mo lang ako. He-he.

But, kidding aside - this thing runs in the family. My mother was clairvoyant. She could see spirits. Three of my bothers, and one of my sisters could also see them. But, all of us don't entertain it. We were encouraged at home to live as normal as possible. Dealing with this thing can be a burden. I am still hoping that one day it will finally disappear, but I know it's wishful thinking. If there's one "sensitive" person in your family, chances are there will be others who are also sensitive.

Let me give you an idea how this thing could be a burden.

When I was thirteen, I decidedly stayed in Bicol, alone in a house with fourteen bedrooms. Everyday, especially at night when I was sleeping, they'd begin to bother me. They would shake my bed, pull my blanket, stand around my bed – just to get my attention. I would tell them to go away because I am a living person and need to rest. But, they would never stop. Since childhood, these entities have always would follow me, so I have finally learned to ignore whatever they do. When the shaking of the bed becomes too unbearable, I would go to the living room and would lie down on the floor. Then they would begin to move things there. Flipping magazines so loud, pushing tables, chairs, jumping to shake the floor. Since the floor of the house was made of those huge wooden slabs, there's no way they can shake them, yet they created much vibration just to keep me awake. Once I slept on the floor in the living room and I woke up at around 2:00 a.m. I heard from the bedroom next to the living room; someone wearing a newly ironed denim pants dipped in starch. I know the sound because the maids would do this and when you wear your pants, it would produce that sound. From the bedroom, the "levi's" wearer started walking towards the dining room, then towards me. The footsteps were heavy, definitely male. I didn't move to ignore him. He continued towards me, and I felt the wind when his foot landed next to my left ear. So I turned to my side, away from it. When I did that, his other foot landed right in-front of my nose. And to add insult to injury, he blew into my ear, a breath so cold, as if ice were being pushed into my ear. I finally yelled at him, saying: "Stop bothering me! You must go where you should be, and not bother me because I had nothing to do with you. Go to the light and embrace it. Stop following me."

It became so mad; he started tossing the things in the living room. I had to get out and go to another room to void getting hit with a flower vase or a stool. All night it continued to thrash the house, throwing utensils everywhere, breaking plates and what not. The next morning, everything was so quiet. I was prepared to clean up, but to my surprise, not even a thing was moved in the house.

January 21, 2010 at 1:35 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

I've been hurt by these not so friendly spirits sometimes. One rainy night, at around 12 m.n. I was sitting in the living room, reading, when I heard someone from the main door calling me. It was a male voice, and it sounded like my father. I didn't answer. I stopped reading and listened. The voice called again, and I thought it was my father, yet there was some difference in the tone of the voice. I still didn't answer. When he called the third time, I finally confirmed that it was another person's voice. I went to the window and looked down below. There was no one at the front door. So I went back to the chair and continued reading. Something between my foot and the floor made me jump. I looked at my foot and there was a round mark as if it were burnt by a lighted cigarette. But, what's unbelievable was – the floors were so tightly laid out together and there were no spaces in-between them. Besides, the house had a very high ceiling, nobody could go up there to reach for it just to burn my foot. It took a week to heal the wound on my foot.

When I was in Bicol, I always loved to go to the bushes. I would sit under a tree and read. One of these quiet moments could end up not so quiet sometimes. Once, while sitting under a guava tree, reading while eating guavas I picked, I saw someone hiding behind the trunk of the tree about ten feet away across from me. I could see a black clothing jutting out so I knew it was a person. I didn't say a word, tried to ignore whoever it was. While my eyes were on the book, I was trying to glance towards the tree. Finally, the thing came out and showed himself to me: a headless priest in black habit. He was teasing by hiding behind the tree, then coming out, then hiding again. I started throwing guavas at him, telling him to get out because I had no business with spirits like him who refused to go where they are supposed to go. When he would still not leave, I left.

The other side of this "awareness" that can really be difficult is when you feel other people's feelings. I'll give you an example of this.

I used to have an office in a condominium near downtown Vancouver. Someone trashed my car parked on the curb in-front of the building, a week before this incident happened. I heard someone screaming outside. I looked out the window and saw this young Somalian guy, screaming in a blood-curdling way, while his body shook in very powerful convulsions. Immediately, a thought in my mind says: overdose, he needs help.

I ran out of the building and when I reached to the guy, he was down on the sidewalk, still convulsing, eyes glassy, and blood coming out of his nose and mouth. I took off my jacket and placed it under his head to prevent it from any trauma. I called 911 and checked his pulse. As soon as I touched him, a thought just said to me: You are helping the guy who vandalized your car last week, in search of anything to sell to buy drugs.

I'm used to feeling this sort of messages, yet it still surprised me that I would meet him in such a unique situation and for some reason, I was quite glad I was there to help him.

I stayed with him until the ambulance came, and the paramedics took him to the hospital. Then I felt that he will survive the overdose, and we'll see each other again. And we did, after two months. On my way to my office one day, he approached me and said: "I'm sorry for vandalizing your Volvo. I needed drugs that day and I was desperate. Thank you for helping me. Please forgive me."

"I have no ill feelings towards you. What's important is that you're okay now. The only thing I ask of you is: try to go to a rehab. Drugs will eventually kill you, and you know that. You're young, and you can do many good things for your fellow man. Don't waste your life by living aimlessly – guided by drugs."

It's not easy. And I know that writing about it here will surely give me a lot of flak from different people.

January 21, 2010 at 1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


LUKO-LUKO ka rin at naniniwala ka sa mga psychic, kundinado ang mga psychic sa Bibliya. Natepok si Saul na hari ng Israel dahil sa katarantaduhan nito na naniwala at lumapit ito sa spiritistang psychic.

Bawal na bawal ang mga psychic sa Bibliya dahil mga demonyo ang nasa likod nila.

Iwasan mong maglalapit sa mga psychic at huwag kang maniniwala sa mga kademonyohan sinasabi nila, mga instrumento sila ng mga demonyo na ang pakay ay mang-demonyo ng mga tao. Pag lumapit ka sa mga psychic ay parang lumalapit ka sa mga demonyo.

At pag may lumapit naman na mga psychic sa'yo ay barahin mo kaagad sila para lumayas na kasama ang mga demonyo sa likod nila.

Ito palang si JM ay halos matanda lang ako ng kaunti sa kanya, hhhhhhh, pero mas maskulado naman ako kaysa kanya. Kung nakita ninyo ang maiitim na sundalo sa Tabak Division ay kagaya ako nila.

Pero bakit ang karamihan sa mga komikeros na nakikita ko sa internet ay bakit parang mga MANAS at mga BUTETE sila? HHHHHHH. Tuloy sa edad lang na 50, humigit-kumulang, ay mga TIGBAK na sila habang nagsisimula pa lang ako ganahan mag-drawing.

- Kapre

January 21, 2010 at 3:41 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

Iniiwasan ko nga, e. Kaso, lumalapit. At saka kung ikaw ang nasa katayuan ko, ano ang magagawa mong solusyon para huwag nang aali-aligid ang mga espiritong ito? Bawa't lugar na puntahan ko, palaging may ganito at ini-ignore ko lang. Pero ayaw talaga paawat. Ano ang masasabi mo tungkol sa mga Rosicrucians? Binanggit sa akin ito ni Bro. John. At ang nakakagulat pa nito, yung unang bahay na binili ko sa Vancouver ay may espirito rin. Lalaki. Tuwing 6pm ay pinaglalaruan niya ang mail slot sa front door. Mahilig siyang maglakad sa itaas kung hatinggabi, at may mga gabing pumapasok ito sa bathroom habang ako'y nagre-relax sa bathtub. Minsan, may nakausap akong matanda na kilala ang dating may-ari ng bahay na isang napakagaling na landscaper. Tinanong ko yung matanda kung miyembro ng Rosicrucians ang dating may-ari. Nagulat ang matanda kung paano ko nahulaan ito, samantalang sa kanya lang ikinuwento ng landscaper yung Rosicrucian affiliation nito.

Ikaw ba, walang ganitong experience?

Pero teka, mukha na ba akong manas at butete? HHHHHH.

January 21, 2010 at 4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


ang mga spiritong demonyo ay nag-communicate sa pamamagitan ng mental communication, kaya iwasan mong mag-iisip ng mga bagay na may relasyon sa kanila. Kung naisip mo sila ay baguhin mo kaagad ang iniisip mo, palitan mo ito ng ibang mga magagandang bagay na maisip mo.

Ang pangalawa at pinaka-importante ay manalangin ka sa Diyos, banggitin mo ang kanyang pangalan at humingi ka ng tulong sa kanya na tulungan ka at sabihin mo rin ang kagaya ng sinabi ni Jesus, "Satanas o kayong mga demonyo, lamayas kayo sa akin."

Ako kailanman ay hindi nakaranas ng naranasan mo. Pero hindi kataka-taka ang mga naranasan mo, halos karamihan sa mga tao ay nakaranas nito. Lalo na ngayon, pursigido na ang mga demonyo na demonyohin ang lahat ng mga tao para madamay sa kanila.

Ang tao pala ay humihina ang depensa sa spiritual kung napapagod ang isip sa sobrang kaiisip sa trabaho, kaya ang payo ng Bibliya at kahit na ng mga doctors ay pahingahan ang isip at pag-iisip at isipin palagi ang lahat na mga bagay na magaganda at tahimik.

Madaling ma-impluwensiya ng mga demonyo ang pagod na isip dahil mahina ang depensa ng sinumang tao sa ganitong situwasyon. Ang maka-demonyong technique na ginagamit ng mga militar para mag-break down ang bilanggo nila ay huwag itong patulogin para mapagod ang isip at humina ang depensa nito.

Ang mga demonyo pala ay mga spiritual beings, lagpas sila sa wavelenghts ng infrared saka ultraviolet kaya hindi natin sila nakikita. At higit pa sa light speed ang vibration ng mga parte ng mga katawan nila kaya isa pa itong dahilan bakit hindi sila makita. Para magkaruon ka ng idea tungkol sa kanila ay isipin mo ang propellers na umiikot ng eroplano na sobrang bilis, hindi mo ito halos makita, ganito ang mga demonyo na mas mabilis pa sila dito dahil lagpas ang bilis nila sa light speed.

Naalaala mo ba si Jesus na lumusot sa pintuan o ang pintuan ang lumusot sa kanya. Ang mga demonyo ay lumulusot sa mga physical na bagay kagaya ng mga katawan natin at tayo naman ay lumulusot sa kanila, ang physical at spiritual ay overlapping ang dalawang ito.

Maliwanag na madaling pumasok ang mga demonyo sa mga tao para ma-manipulate ang mga isipan nila. Kaya meron kasabihan na "pinasokan ng demonyo ang tao."

Para madaling maintendihan kung paanong mang-demonyo ang demonyo sa tao ay isipin mo ang isang tao na lumalapit sa kapwa tao at bumubulong ng kademonyohan dito, pag hindi nagustohan ang bulong ay sinasabi ng binulongan sa bumulong na lumayas ito. Kagaya nito ang ginagawa ng mga demonyo, lumalapit sila at minsan lumulusot pa sa mga katawan ng mga tao, kaya nga sinabihan si Satanas ni Jesus na lumayas ito.

Ang mga spiritistang psychic ay ginagamit naman ng mga demonyo para ang mga tao na mismo ang mabilis na lumapit sa kanila. Kung baga sa pamimingwit ay mga pain ng demonyo ang mga psychic.

- Kapre

January 21, 2010 at 11:57 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

Maganda ang paliwanag mo. Lalong nagpamulat sa aking pananaw. Tama na rin pala ang ginagawa kong pagpaalis sa kanila. Ayoko talagang magkaroon ng involvelment sa kanila. But, there were times when I would hear them say: "Please help me..."

Kung minsan, parang napaka-callous naman na basta na lang palayasin ang mga ito. Kaya lang ang ayaw na ayaw ko ay kung kailan ka nagpapahinga para makabawi ang iyong katawan, ay saka naman sila manggugulo. May isang insidente noong nag-iisa na lang ako sa bahay dito, ay kung bakit sa ilalim ng kama ko ay may dalawang lalaking nag-uusap sa mga bandang alas-2 ng mdaling araw kaya nagising tuloy ako. Walo ang bedroom ng bahay kung bakit doon pa sa ilalim ng kama ko ng-uusap. Low, male voices. Yun bang parang muffled ang voices nila. Naririnig mo, alam mong English ang usapan, pero hindi mo maintindihan kung ano ang pinag-uusapan. Pinilit kong pakinggan at intindihin, hindi ko talaga maintindihan. Noong buksan ko ang ilaw, tumigil. Nang patayin ko ang ilaw, umpisa na naman. Sa inis ko, iniwan kong bukas ang ilaw. At sabi ko: "Now, you guys are trying to play hard ball with me, I'll play hard-ball with you."

Pinaglaruan naman ang ilaw. Patay-sindi, patay sindi. Ang ginawa ko, pinagtawanan ko. Sabi ko: "Wowie, I like that. It reminds me of the strobe light of the 1970s." HHHHH. Tumigil. Pero hindi na ako tinantanan mula noon. Alam ko kung nariyan na sila, kasi, tumatayo ang balahibo ko sa likod ng aking leeg. Ito ang indication na narito na sila sa paligid ko. Tapos grabeng ringing ng tenga ko. Siguradong nasa tabi ko na ang mga hinayupaks. Minsan, may bisita akong tatlong kakilala at nag-dinner kami sa bahay. Habang kumakain kami, may humila ba naman ng plato ko away from me? Nagimbal tuloy ang mga bisita ko. Hindi makapaniwala na nakakita sila ng platong lumalakad. HHHHHHH. Tumili pa yung dalawang babae sa kabiglaanan. Minsan, galing ako sa labas, pag-uwi ko, dinadatnan kong may nakapuwestong mga plato, baso, na akala mo'y may party sa bahay, samantalang nang umalis ako, wala naman akong inilagay na mga plato sa mesa. Nakababaliw na talaga, kaya sa inis ko, ipinagbili ko yung bahay para maiwasan ko ang mga ito. May mga taong tulad ko na mas sensitive yata kung bakit nakakakita ng ganito. Masahol pa sa isang schizophrenic na makakarinig ka ng mga boses nila, sometimes, tama ka, through your mind. Pero may mga sandaling maririnig mo ito through your ears. Parang bumubulong sila, pero doon sa loob ng tenga.

Maganda ang payo mong ito. Gagawin ko nga ito. Although matagal ko na silang pinalalayas. Ang gagawin ko, babasahan ko sila ng malakas ng Bibliya. HHHHHHH.

How about holy water, nagwo-work ba sa mga ito? Mukhang mga astig itong mga ganito. Kaya dapat ngang tapatan mo ng astig ring pagharap sa kanila.

January 22, 2010 at 12:51 AM  
Anonymous said...


May pinsan ako, ganyan din ang problema. Mula pa sa pagkabata ay pinakikitaan siya ng mga kaluluwa. May isang espirito na ang tawag niya ay Manero. Sinusundan siya nito maski saan siya magpunta. Parang mentally rin ang messages nito sa kanya, at sinasabing sa past life daw nitong pinsan ko, ay asawa niya si Manero at itinulak niya ito sa bangin at nahulog sa tubig at nalunod. Kilabot na kilabot ako kapag nagkukuwento sa akin. Kung minsan, wala siyang tulog sa magdamag dahil sa ginugulo siya ng mga ito. Si Manero ay hinihipuan siya sa breast at saka sa ibabang parte ng katawan niya. May mga gabing dama niya ay may pumapasok sa kanyang sexual organ, na parang may katalik siyang lalaki, pero wala namang tao. Pero damang-dama niya ang pagpatong nitong si Manero. Nagkaroon na nga ng nervous breakdown ito kaya ang asawa niya ang nagbabantay palagi kung natutulog siya.

Ang hirap talaga kung may gift kang ganyan. Alam nila kung sino ang may gift at doon sila lumalapit.

January 22, 2010 at 12:42 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Thank you. Alam ko, maraming mga katulad ko ang sinosolo na lang ang karanasan nila, pero siguro maraming tao ang may ganitong problema. Sa akin, alam ko, dalawa ang palaging aali-aligid. Isang may edad na lalaki na kamukha ni Manuel Quezon, at isang 11 years old na batang lalaki. Pareho silang nakasuot ng itim na period piece na amerikana (Coat and tie). Yung bata, naka-bow tie at ilang beses ko nang nakitang sumisilip siya mula sa powder room. Wala siyang sinasabi. Pero may gut feeling ako na mga kamag-anak ko ito dahil mga mukhang Spanish. Ang tagal ko nang tinatanong ang mga matatanda kong relatives kung sino ba ang naaalala nilang relative namin na kamukha ni Manuel Quezon, pero walang makapagsabi sa akin. Ayon sa napupulot kong message mula dito sa matanda, ay isa siyang medical doctor. Minsan, napapanaginipan ko ito, at ang bahay niya ay talagang parang noong mga 1800s pa.

Itanong mo nga sa pinsan mo kung mayroon siyang recurring dream na tulad ko? Ako kasi, mula pa sa aking pagkabata, isang panaginip ang paulit-ulit na nararanasan ko. Pakitanong lang at gusto kong malaman. Thank you.

January 22, 2010 at 1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


ang sakit ng sinumang tao ay minsan nagsisimula sa PHYSICAL, nagiging PSYCHOLOGICAL ito at sa huli ay nagiging SPIRITUAL, minsan pabaliktad naman ito.

Ang ringing ng tinga ay PHYSICAL. Pag hindi makatulog ang tao dito sa ringing ay humihina ang kanyang isip at depensa, at nadi-distort ang kanyang perception, nakakakita at nakakarinig siya ng mga bagay na akala niya ay mga totoo ito, ito ang PSYCHOLOGICAL stage. Pero sa huli itong perception niya na na-distort o psychological reality ay nagiging tulay ito sa realm ng SPIRITUAL kung saan pumapasok ang mga demonyo. Huwag kang papasok sa spiritual stage na ito, ito ang ipinagbabawal ng mahigpit sa Bibliya.

Ang sakit na ringing ng tinga ay madaling gamutin dahil PHYSICAL ito.

Una, baka meron buhok na tumutubo, tutuli o buhok na nakabara sa loob ng tinga na kawsa ng vibration o ringing sa loob nito dahil sa hangin. Ang misis ko ay meron nito, pumunta siya sa doctor at binunot nito ang buhok at biglang nawala ang ringing.

Pangalawa, baka ear infection at namaga ang loob ng tinga dahil sa lamig lalo na kung nakatira ka sa Canada. Antibiotic lang ang kailangan gamot dito.

Pangatlo, baka meron nerve o eardrum damage ang tinga. Gamot at minsan operasyon ang remedyo dito.

Paano kung PSYCHOLOGICAL ang sakit at hindi physical? Makinig sa mga soft musics palagi at heavy exercise na kagaya ng jogging para mapagod, makatulog kaagad at mapahingahan ang isip. Uminom ng gatas dahil magaling pampatulog ito. Paminsan-minsan puwede ang sleeping pills kung grabe talaga ang ringing ng tinga pero naka-addict ito kaya hindi mabuting pangmatagalan gamot.

At kung SPIRITUAL ang sakit ay manalangin sa Diyos na tinatawag ang kanyang pangalan at humingi ng tulong sa kanya, pagkatapos ay gayahin ang sinabi ni Jesus na sabihin kay Satanas at mga demonyo na lumayas sila.

Tungkol sa HOLY WATER ng mga ministro ay kabuangan ito. UNHOLY WATER ito na galing sa mga ministro na ang totoo ay mga ministro ito ng mga demonyo, mas lalong madi-demonyo ang sinuman gumamit nito. Saka ang tubig na ito ay galing lang sa gripo, hhhhhhh.

Pero por diyos, por diyes, por santo & santita, hindi puwedeng sabihin GIFT ito. PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AT SPIRITUAL na mga sakit ito na madaling gamutin kung iwasan lang ang mga bagay na may relasyon sa MENTAL sa realm ng SPIRITISMO. Ang pinaka-simpleng solusyones ay HUWAG MAG-IISIP MASYADO PARA HINDI HUMINA ANG PAG-IISIP AT DEPENSA, HUWAG MANINIWALA AT IWASAN ANG MGA BAGAY NA MAY RELASYON SA MGA SPIRITISTANG MGA PSYCHICS AT IBA PANG MGA SPIRITISMO NA MAHIGPIT NA IPINAGBABAWAL NG BIBLIYA.

Hindi GIFT ng sinuman kung siya ay deni-DEMONYO dahil kapahamakan ang resulta nito na kagaya sa nangyari kay Saul na hari ng Israel nuon.

- Kapre

January 22, 2010 at 2:15 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

I had my ear tested. The procedure was awful. Binubuhusan ng tubig ang dalawang tenga, tapos pahihigain ka sa table na parang see-saw. Aalugin, kaya hilong-hilo ako after the test. Nothing. Everything is normal. I'm also very healthy. I'll be fifty this year, yet everything in my body is normal. I jog daily for two hours, I swim 40 laps non-stop in an olympic size pool (100 meters) daily, I lift weights 3x a week, I eat the right kinds of food.

The ringing happens ONLY when these hinayupaks are present. Sometimes, when the entity is intense, the louder the ringing. When they leave, the ringing goes away. I also have enough faith in God to overcome their persistence. I still haven't discovered how I could shut down the "passage" in me so they won't be able to get in. I will try the suggestions you've given me and we'll see if they work.

Thanks for all the help.

January 22, 2010 at 5:45 PM  
Anonymous said...

JM, kailangan mo lang ang katabi sa pagtulog. Papuntahin mo ako diyan at babantayan kita. Hindi uubra sa akin ang kahi't anong maligno.

January 22, 2010 at 5:54 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Napakaganda naman niyang suggestion mo, pero, thanks but no thanks. Kung gusto mo, papuntahin ko silang lahat sa iyo para marami ka nang kabarkada sa araw-araw, di ka na malulungkot. Yung pumapatong doon sa pinsan ni Annabelle Gonzales, baka gusto mong imbitahin?

January 22, 2010 at 6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Yung pumapatong doon sa pinsan ni Annabelle Gonzales, baka gusto mong imbitahin?"

Ehe-hi-hi. Galing naman nitong suggestion mo. Ikaw rin,, baka mawarat ang tumbong mo.


-Rubia Servios

January 22, 2010 at 6:10 PM  
Blogger Wordsmith said...

It's not very often that I agree with Kapre (but I respect his views that do not jibe with mine), but this time I will on two points:

1) I regard psychic ability as a gift, however, yours, JM, has made me pause and I think Kapre is right not to call it a 'gift' for obvious reasons

2) I am on the same page as Kapre in suggesting that not allowing thoughts related to your gif-- er, I mean psychic ability or the entities that haunt you -- will lessen its occurrence.

3) Most important: ask for God's help as you order these spirits/entities to leave you alone.

I used to have this gift, only it wasn't as profound as yours. Ang dami kong kuwento but only my immediate family knew about my unusual experiences.

Anyway, a psychic niece helped me, through her Guide, in making these spirits leave me alone. I did as per instruction. That was over 10 years ago.

I am no longer 'bothered' by seeing spirits, but I remain sensitive to people's feelings in the way that you'd understand.

Good thing that my occupation allows me minimum physical contact with others. It's draining, this, especially if the person has so much psychic baggage.

BTW, I still have some Red Sea salt, yes from Israel. Wish I can send it to you, it's for cleansing.

January 22, 2010 at 7:08 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Could you possibly share with us the solution your niece had taught you?

I know a lot of Jewish people here and I can ask from them about the salt. In fact, I know a Rabbai. Perhaps I should talk to him.

Yes, having an "emphatic" awareness when one is surrounded by people is something awful. You feel their pain, their anger, their sadness. It'd be nice if everybody around us is in high spirits. Unfortunately, people tend to have more negative thoughts than positive, especially when I was living there in RP. I never dared take any public transportation because most passengers were worrying about something.

It would be nice if you could also share with us your experiences before you got rid of it, that is, if you're comfortable doing it.

January 22, 2010 at 7:51 PM  
Anonymous said...


Alipustain naman ako.
Gusto ko lang makatulong.

At ikaw demonyo kang anonymous sa buhay ko, magtigil ka ng hitad ka.

January 22, 2010 at 8:09 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


O, bago na naman ang spelling ng pangalan mo.

Ikaw naman kasi, seryoso ako, hinahaluan mo ng mga kabalbalan. Maaring para sa iyo ay bale-wala ito. Pero importante sa akin. Huwag mo na sanang dagdagan pa ang problema kung puwede lang.

January 22, 2010 at 8:12 PM  
Blogger Wordsmith said...

My teenage niece, through her Guide, suggested that I light up seven white candles, place those in a circle on the floor, and for me to sit in the middle, pray the Lord's Prayer, and ask the spirits that had been bothering me to please leave me alone.

At that time, too, my youngest daughter appeared to be possessed. She was attending a Catholic school and such things, as Kapre will agree, is not accepted.

Her "possession" was nothing like in the film, The Exorcist. First, she lost consciousness while in school, during a flag retreat. It happened twice. I was sent for, took my daughter to the doctor a few times but nothing wrong with her physically.

Then at home, she'd have bouts of not being able to breath, while as if trying to unloose something round her neck. It was one of the most terrible moments in my life as I thought my daughter would die because she was really gasping for breath.

Those were also the days when my being open -- not my choice, but I did not know then how to control this openness -- to the 'other side' was at its height. I saw and felt spirits, but only in the house. They did nothing disruptive to the family, but the fact that I saw them walking about, playing chess even, was enough to disrupt my equilibrium.

And which was why I thought the spirit that possessed my daughter was brought through my being open to those entities.

(I have to emphasize at this point that my daughter and I did not believe in possession, and if I remind her of this taking place when she was 13, she's bound not to remember anything. She did NOT remember anything actually after the bad spirit was banished.)

Again, my psychic niece with her Guide, discovered that the spirit that possessed my daughter was her age, unloved, and who hanged herself. This entity was like 'envious' of my daughter having the things she, the spirit, did not have when she was of this world.

As for my other experiences: one that I did not remember (or perhaps my mind refused to remember) but which my younger sister recalled vividly took place eons ago. I was about 9-yrs old, we were in this old chapel in the nearby (Salvador) Araneta property. I pointed to the image of Christ on the cross and told my sister that the blood on His side was bubbling, as if in a boil.

Some 16 years or so later, I would see the Sacred Heart of Jesus image over at Sto Domingo church winking at me, or its nose perking, or its hand moving, as if beckoning to me.

Grabe ang ginawa kong denial. I regarded those things as mere illusion, if not delusion. Kako sa sarili ko, baka gutom lang ako kaya kung anu-ano ang nakikita ko.

There's a lot more but you get the idea. The one thing that sustained me is my Faith. No, I am not religious, but even then, or perhaps because of the things I experienced, I became more spiritual.

I am now quite happy and contented with this level of connection with the Lord. And maybe in my next life, I'd be in a cloister to give nonstop thanks to Him for all His blessings.

(I can't believe my audacity in recalling all those!)


January 22, 2010 at 9:15 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Oh, wow. Terrific. I feel much better now after reading what you've been through. I'll do the same and I do hope it will put an end to my problem.

Indeed, it's so amazing why some spirits hold things or "props" when you see them. I saw once a man sitting on the couch, reading a book.

The sad part of this experience is: many people won't believe you, and to add insult to injury, they'd even laugh at you.

One has to experience something like this before they believe. It is also amazing that whatever clothes the deceased was wearing when he or she was buried or cremated, it is the same clothes their apparition wear when they materialize. When my father died, he appeared in the living room of our house, wearing the same clothes he was wearing while he was lying in state at the funeral parlor. When my mother passed away, my brother, who was vacationing in Alabang, phoned me to tell me that he saw her in the bedroom of his house, standing by the bed. The first thing I asked my brother was: "can you tell me what she was wearing?" My brother described everything, and it matched exactly what she was wearing during the wake here.

I should also mention an experience I had when I went to the the Manila Metropolitan Museum one evening. I went there before closing time, and when I went to the gallery, I was the only one looking at the paintings. Suddenly, I heard a female voice, singing an aria, and the song was quite familiar to me, "Una Furtiva Lagrima" that's why I remember it vividly. The voice was coming from behind the red curtains. Her voice was beautiful, similar to Maria Callas' intensity. I lifted the curtains and try to find where the source of the voice was. I saw a closed door. I opened it, and there was this woman, standing in front of a lectern on stage, singing. Suddenly, the security guard was right behind me, saying: "This area is not open to the public." When I turned around to face him, the singing stopped. I asked him who the opera singer was. He answered me with another question: "which opera singer are you talking about? It's closing time."

I looked back, and saw the stage with the lectern in the middle, but no more singer.

The following week, I was talking to Ross Matienzo and I mentioned the incident. He was so amazed, saying: "So you went into that door like me? I heard the singing, went inside, and the voice stopped. The only thing I saw was the lectern in the middle of the stage."

He didn't see the woman, but it was enough to reassure me that I wasn't crazy after all.

January 22, 2010 at 10:04 PM  
Blogger Wordsmith said...

Since letting go of unusual experiences seems to be a good exercise at the moment, let me relate a few more that I can remember now.

1) When Mt Pinatubo erupted in June 15, 1991 and did unspeakable damage to much of Northern Luzon, I heard some people say that God was angry and so punished the people living in the area. I was riled. The God I know and believe in is a God of Love, not a God who punishes. I was having these thoughts while in front of the TV, watching cable news, the news was about the eclipse seen in Hawaii and the screen showed the eclipse. Only, superimposed on the dark face of the moon was a sketch-like image of God: head-and-shoulders, white-bearded, in semi-profile, and the image was frowning, as if really ANGRY.

I was stunned for I don't know how long.

Still, then and now, I never wavered in my Faith in a God of Love.

And this despite the fact that when Pinatubo erupted, we'd just returned from New Zealand, having quit a good job, sold our properties, then settled 50 km from the volcano, set up a business (my husband did, ex now), etc. The eruption wiped a goodly portion of what we worked hard for, for years -- but that did not lessen my faith.

2) I saw places / specific houses where I would be or live years before the fact.

3) There's this romance novel I wrote for 18K way back in 2001 titled Eternally Mine. One early setting was in Mt Makiling, theme was paranormal. It's part of a series that was dear to me, titled AngelKiss, and my main protagonist was a divine guardian angel turned human. As angel, she gave a kiss of life to her ward who should be dead. He lived, her guardian angel turned into human.

I swear I had a big help while writing this particular novel because I finished it in no time at all.

4) What about spirit/s not fond of listening to 'Phantom of the Opera' but would sing in my ears (softly, though) in tune with Pet Shop Boys? :D

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Your own account has given me relief. I now know that I wasn't also crazy but that other people have had weird, if not weirder, experiences.

Thank you for sharing those with us, and I hope that you will be rid of unwanted company soon.

January 23, 2010 at 6:47 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Very illuminating, indeed. Thanks for all the shared experiences.

Indeed, not all ghosts or spirit, or whatever we can call them, are not fans of Italian opera. I remember when I was a child at home, an old record player would play on its own. It would play a pop tune (45 single) by The Platters called "My Prayer". Someone also played marbles up there and it became part of our daily living that we learned to just let it to what it wants.

That novel you've created sounds really good. It would look awesome as a movie.


Thank you all for all your messages.

January 23, 2010 at 1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pag-isipan ninyong mabuti itong mga sumusunod:

Si Adan at Eva ay denimonyo ni Satanas at sinabi sa kanila na magiging kagaya sila ng Diyos na may POWER rin. Ulitin, FALSE POWER ang ipinangako sa kanila ng demonyong ito. Resulta ay napalayas sila sa Hardin ng Eden at pinarusahan pa sila ng kamatayan dahil naniwala at sinunod nila si Satanas sa halip na ang Diyos.

Si haring Saul ng Israel ay pinangakuan ng military POWER ng spiritistang ahente ng demonyo. Ulitin, FALSE POWER rin ang ipinangako kay Saul. Resulta, namatay si Saul dahil naniwala at sinunod niya ang ahente ni Satanas sa halip na ang Diyos.

Kayo ay naniniwala na GIFT ang nararanasan ninyo dahil ang maling akala ninyo ay nakakakita kayo ng mga kung anu-ano na hindi nakikita ng ibang mga tao. Ang totoo ay mga HALLUCINATIONS lang ninyo ang nararanasan ninyong ito na sanhi ng kakulangan ng tulog at sobrang pagod ng inyong pag-iisip, tuloy NALANSI kayo ni Satanas at DENIMONYO KAYO nito na hindi ninyo nalalaman. At ang GIFT na sinasabi ninyo ay FALSE POWER na ibinibigay ni Satanas sa inyo. Ulitin, FALSE POWER ang ipinapangako sa inyo ni Satanas na kagaya sa pangako na sinabi niya kina Adan, Eva at Saul.

Ang mga phariseo nuong panahon ni Jesus ay denimonyo ni Satanas dahil rin sa FALSE POWER. Resulta, kundinado ang mga phariseo ni Jesus at hindi na sila bubuhayin uli.

Si Satanas ay denimonyo mismo niya ang kanyang sarili dahil sa ambisyon rin nito sa FALSE POWER na higitan pa ang Diyos. Resulta, pagkatapos ng millennium ay parurusahan siya ng kamatayan.

Ang technique ni Satanas ay iba't-iba ang variation pero iisa palagi ang tema niya sa pangdi-demonyo sa mga tao, pinapangakuan niya palagi ng FALSE POWER.

Ang sinumang maniniwala sa FALSE POWER na pangako ng demonyong ito ang tiyak na resulta sa huli ay KAMATAYAN.

- Kapre

January 23, 2010 at 4:24 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

Maraming salamat sa mga paliwanag.

Mabuti na lang at hindi ko gusto itong mga nangyayari. Mas magiging masaya ako kung wala na akong makikita, kundi mga naggagandahang mga babae. HHHHHHH.

Hindi rin ako natatakot sa kanila, kaya hindi nila ako puwedeng lansihin. Mga masyado silang manggulo na tulad ng maraming anonymous sa internet. I hope hindi rin sila mga kabig ng demonyo. HHHHHH.

January 23, 2010 at 5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nakakatakot naman ang topic na ito.
Post ka kaya ng iba, JM. Para naman lahat kami makapag-participate. Basta pinag-usapan na ang kamatayan, multo at kabilang buhay, marami ang takot kaya mangilan-ngilan lang ang mga sumasali sa talakayan.

January 23, 2010 at 5:43 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Huwag matakot sa kamatayan.

Death is the completion of life. Mortals are born and die. Unless you're prophet Enoch who was taken by God to heaven without experiencing physical death.

January 23, 2010 at 5:50 PM  
Blogger Wordsmith said...

Mamang Kapre,

Naniniwala ako na 'of, or from the devil' ang "gift" [or curse, I think you'd prefer that term :->] na ipinagkaloob sa maraming may psychic abilities.

Pero hindi ba there is such a thing as balance in life, as in day/night, hot/cold, evil/angel, etc?

How do you explain the few psychic healers who still lead and live humble lives? Ito iyong mga tumanggi sa materyal na regalo ng mga napagaling nila. Of, or from the devil din ba ang ipinagkaloob sa kanilang kakayahang magpagaling through faith?

Please ho, wala akong intensiyong makipag-argumento sa inyo :D. Gusto ko lang i-point out na kung may demonyo, mayroon ding legion of angels ang Diyos para protektahan ang mga gustong biktimahin ng demonyo.

At kung mananakot ang mga demonyo ng Kamatayan, palagay ko'y hindi matatakot dito ang mga tao na matibay ang pananalig.

'Death is the completion of life,' as JM said.

January 24, 2010 at 12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mi infection din ang tenga ko , TINNITUS, daw sabi ng EENT, sa UST hospital, at ang symptom nga eh ringing in my ears, pero I have learned to live with it, kasi for life daw ito. Kaya masasabi mong hearing impaired na rin ako partially. No Spirits thus far.


Tama ka , we should not fear death. Yung simbahan kasi, tinakot tayo tungkol sa IMPYERNO at DAGAT-DAGATANG APOY, at isang vengeful at wrathful God. Kaya mi morbid fear of death tayo...
BTW, so far no Trolls ? good.


January 24, 2010 at 5:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Kapre:

Bakit po ayaw ninyong tawaging gift kung naging matalas man ang pakiramdam na tulad ni JM? Ano ho ba ang kaibahan nito na isilang kang may taglay na galing sa pagguhit, sa pgkanta, sa pagsusulat, sa pagsasayaw?

Hindi naman ho ito naiiba sa mga katalinuhang nabanggit, hindi po ba? At kayo, dahil isinilang na may talino sa pagguhit, e di curse din po ninyo iyan?

Pakiliwanag lang po.

Bernardo Villanueva

January 24, 2010 at 9:15 AM  
Anonymous said...

"Death is the fulfillment of life."

This is uber philosophical, JM.
I guess this is the difference between a mediocre mind and a mind of a brilliant writer.

I think I'm falling in-love with you. Je-je. You're turning fifty, I'm turning thirty, I don't mind. Do you?

January 24, 2010 at 10:23 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Thank you for the kind words, but I'm far from being brilliant. I only feel.
You'll be thirty and I'll be fifty. Twenty years difference. I know you're joking and trying to boost my confidence, and thank you. I'm pretty sure you'll find a pinoy hunk your age who'll love you for the rest of your life.

Let's be good friends.

January 24, 2010 at 10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JM, Wordsmith & Annabelle,

death is NOT the completion of life; also, death is NOT the fulfillment of life.

Iba ang sabi sa Bibliya sa Romans 6:23, "For the wages of sin is DEATH, ...." O ang KAMATAYAN ay ang BAYAD sa KASALANAN. Ang sinuman pumasok sa spiritismo halimbawa na ipinagbabawal ng mahigpit sa Bibliya ay kasalanan ito na pagbabayaran niya ng kamatayan kung hindi niya ito iiwasan.



sabi sa 2 Corinthians 11:14,15, "And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light. It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness."

Ang LAHAT na mga spiritistang mga psychics na ang akala natin ay mababait ay mga ministro sila ni Satanas at ginagaya lang nila ang technique ng boss nilang si Satanas, batay ito sa sinabi sa verso sa itaas. Ang LAHAT rin pala na mga ministro ng maka-mundong mga relihiyon ay mga ministro rin ni Satanas.

Ang mga angeles pala ay mga MESSENGERS ng Diyos, minsan inuutosan sila ng Diyos na bigyan ng proteksiyon ang ilan partikular na mga tao na kagaya ni Lot at iba pa sa lupa. Si Jesus nuong nasa lupa at Job ay protektado ng mga angheles, pero ng alisin ang mga proteksiyon sa kanila ng Diyos ay pinatay si Jesus sa krus at peniste naman ng demonyo si Job. Pangkalahatan, nuon at hanggan ngayon, ang mga angheles ay hindi mga guardian angels o security guards ng mga tao, hindi nila trabaho ito. Mas mataas ang position ng anghel sa tao, at ang mga angheles ay utosan ng Diyos at hindi sila utosan ng mga tao.


marami talagang mga tao na meron ringing ang mga tinga pero normal lang ito a kanila. Meron ilan na sa sobra ng ringing ay hindi na makatulog. Meron sa amin na kasong ganito, sa sobrang grabeng ringing ay namayat ito dahil hindi makatulog at minumura na ang lahat ng taong makita niya pati ang mga hindi niya nakikita. Itong huling kaso ay nanghihina ang isip at depensa nito sa spiritual na may posibilidad na maimpluwensiya ito ng demonyo.

Bernardo (Carpio) villanueva,

ang matalas ang pakiramdam, pagguhit, pagkanta, pagsulat pagsayaw at iba pa ay NAHAHASA ang mga ito sa pauli-ulit na gawa at edukasyon rin. Walang masama na gamitin ang alinman dito sa tamang paraan at ayon sa mga patakaran ng Diyos, ang masama ay kung gamitin ang mga ito sa masamang paraan at taliwas sa mga patakaran ng Diyos.

Halimbawa, kung gamitin ko ang pagguhit para ituro ang mga spiritismo tungkol kay Satanas ay hindi tama ito at taliwas ito sa batas ng Diyos.

Huwag na huwag pala ninyong gagayahin para maranasan ang mga naranasan ni JM. Ang paulit-ulit na pag-iisip ni JM tungkol sa mga spiritismo ay hinahasa niya ang isip niya dito na naging HABIT na gawain niya tuloy ito, TUMALAS ANG PAKIRAMDAM ni JM dito na para bagang kagaya sa itak na tumalas sa kahahasa. Lumalapit pala ang mga demonyo sa mga taong tumatawag, lumalapit at iniisip sila palagi. Akala ng mga demonyo ay tinatawag sila. Ito ang dahilan bakit mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ito sa Bibliya.

Pareho rin ang mga ito sa pagsulat, pagsayaw at pagkanta.

- kapre

January 24, 2010 at 8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sa lahat,

hindi talaga nakakatakot ang KAMATAYAN kung nasa ALAALA kayo ng Diyos dahil ang sinumang nasa alaala ng Diyos ay BUBUHAYIN uli.

Paano kung NAKALIMUTAN kayo ng Diyos na kagaya ni Judas, ng mga phariseo, nina Adan at Eva, ng mga demonyo, ng mga namatay sa dilubyo nuong panahon ni Noah at ng mamatay sa Armageddon? Ang mga NAKALIMUTAN o HINDI NASA ALAALA ng Diyos ay hindi na uli bubuhayin hanggan ito sa walang hanggan. At ang mga taong hindi na bubuhayin uli ng Diyos ay TAKOT NA TAKOT SA KANILANG MGA KAMATAYAN.

Kaya ang dapat gawin ng ilan sa inyo dito ay tigilan ninyo ang pumasok sa SPIRITISMO, iwasan rin ninyo ang MGA MINISTRO NG DEMONYO NA MGA PYCHIC HEALERS at huwag maniniwala sa GIFT NA FALSE POWER ng mga demonyo dahil kontra ang mga ito sa batas ng Diyos, at KASALANAN ng sinuman kung hindi sumunod siya sa batas na ito ng Diyos.

Alam ninyo na ang BAYAD sa KASALANAN ay KAMATAYAN. Salungatin ninyo ang batas ng Diyos na ito kontra sa spiritismo at baka mabura kayo sa ALAALA niya at hindi na uli kayo buhayin.

- Kapre

January 24, 2010 at 9:00 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

Nabanggit mo si Job.

Hindi ba't nakipag-areglo sa Diyos si Satanas na pahihirapan niya si Job, at pumayag naman ang Diyos dito upang subukan ang tibay ng pananalig ni Job sa Diyos.

Subali't nguni't datapuwa't...
Bakit nakipag-kunchaba ang Diyos sa isang tulad ni Satanas? Kabisado na Niyang mabuting tao si Job, baki't kailangan pa niyang IPAHAMBALOS ng dos por dos kay Satanas si JOB?


Parang lumalabas tuloy na ang good and evil is like a circle, na animo'y magkahawak kamay ang Diyos at si Satanas nang parusahan si Job.

Pakipaliwanag lamang sa ating buong kongregasiyon.

January 24, 2010 at 9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


kailanman ay hindi nakipag-kunchaba ang Diyos kay Satanas.

Sa kalangitan bago nangyari ang celestial war at bago patalsikin ang mga demonyo duon ay meron heavenly gathering ng lahat ng mga angheles, mabubuting angheles at masasamang angheles o mga demonyo. Isa si Satanas sa mga demonyo na dumalo sa gathering na ito.

Tinanong ng Diyos itong si Satanas kung saan siya nanggaling, sinagot ang Diyos na nag-walking walking daw siya sa buong mundo at naghahanap ng mga tao na madi-demonyo. Sa palitan ng Diyos at ng demonyong si Satanas ay HINAMON ng demonyong ito ang Diyos, at sinabi nito na MAHAL LANG DAW NI JOB ANG DIYOS DAHIL SA BIYAYANG IBINIBIGAY NIYA DITO. KUNG ALISIN DAW NG DIYOS ANG MGA BIYAYA KAY JOB, ALSIN RIN ANG PROTEKSIYON SA KANYA AT PABAYAAN SIYANG PESTEHIN SI JOB AY SUSUMPAIN DAW NI JOB ANG DIYOS.

Iyon ang hamon ni Satanas sa Diyos sa harap ng lahat ng mga angheles sa kalangitan. Kung hindi tanggapin ng Diyos ang hamon ni Satanas ay lalabas na TAMA ANG PARATANG NI Satanas at ang implikasyon rin ng hamon na ito na MAHAL LANG DAW NG SINUMANG TAO ANG DIYOS DAHIL SA BIYAYA AT PROTEKSIYON NA BIGAY NG DIYOS SA KANYA o KUNG WALANG BIYAYA AT PROTEKSIYON ANG DIYOS AY WALANG MAGMAMAHAL NA TAO SA DIYOS. At ang isa pang implikasyon ng hamon ni Satanas na PATI ANG MABUBUTING MGA ANGHELES SA KALANGITAN AY MAHAL RIN DAW ANG DIYOS DAHIL RIN SA BIYAYA AT PROTEKSIYON RIN NG DIYOS SA KANILA.

Ang hamon na ito ni Satanas sa Diyos ay UNIVERSAL ang implikasyon na sinasakop ang mga angheles sa kalangitan at ang mga tao sa lupa na kinikuwestiyon ang kanilang mga intedrity at pagmamahal sa Diyos.

Itong si Satanas ay magaling talaga sa kademonyohan, INIPIT niya ang Diyos kaya napilitan ang Diyos na tanggapin ang kanyang hamon.

Alam mo na ang iba pang storya, dahil sa integrity ni Job na kahit namulubi siya, pinatay ang kanyang mga anak at ginalis siya na nakapandidiri ay mahal pa rin niya ang Diyos, napatunayan niya na SINUNGALING ang PARATANG ni Satanas. At MERON TAO NA KAGAYA NI Job NA MAHAL ANG DIYOS KAHIT WALANG IBINIBIGAY NA BIYAYA AT PROTEKSIYON ANG DIYOS SA KANYA.

- Kapre

January 24, 2010 at 10:47 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Masasabi nating maraming mga Pilipinong mahihirap ang tulad kay Job. Nakatira sa tabi ng Ilog Pasig (pero hindi sumali sa New People's Army na tulad ni Mr. Quack-quack), at kahi't hand to mouth existence ang buhay ay walang reklamong nagsisikhay, at sila'y kapuri-puri. Masasabi rin ba natin na nagmistulang mga Satanas ang ilang komiks publishers noong bata pa si Sabel, dahil pang-dilis lang ang bayad nila sa dibuhista, gayong ang hinihingi nilang dibuho ay pang-CAVIAR?


January 24, 2010 at 11:00 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Ay, oo nga pala, Supremomg Kapre:

May mensaheng iniwan sina ANNA CAPRI at karl doon sa WHO IS THE KING OF PHILIPPINE KOMIKS. Baka gusto mo silang paliwanagan sa kanilang mga tanong.

January 24, 2010 at 11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


itong si ANNA CAPRI at KARL ay iisang tao lang, siya rin si ANONYMOUS na nagpanggap na bicolano. Sinabi ko na sa kanya na pangarap ni Auggie ang pinoy komiks world domination pero ipinagpipilitan pa rin na ideya ko ito, kung di ba naman sira ang ulo ng taong iyon.

May TUYO ANG ULO nito at hindi ako interesadong patulan siya. HINDI niya naintendihan dahil HINDI niya binasa ang blog ko at sasabihin na walang mga katibayan na kinopya ko lang daw sa mga puti ang mga sinasabi ko duon. At ang lakas ng apog nito na sabihin na hindi original daw ang FLOR'S FUNDAMENTAL LENGHT, HARMONY IN CHAOS, at iba pa. Kung matino ang ulo nito ay dapat MAMANGHA siya sa ORIGINALITY ng mga sinasabi ko sa blog ko.

Hindi matanggap ng kumag na ito na ang mga ORIGINAL NA MGA IDEYA ko sa blog ko ay puwedeng YANIGIN ang mga ideya ng mga puti na SINASAMBA NIYANG PARANG MGA DIYOS-DIYOSAN niya sa sining, ito ang ayaw niya dahil sa sobrang INGGIT niya. At akala niya ang lahat ng mga pilipino ay mga kopyadores lang. Patunay lang talaga ito na talagang NAPAKALALIM NG PAGKADIKDIK SA KANYANG UTAK NG COLONIAL AT ALIPIN NA MENTALIDAD. Hindi puwedeng patulan ang ganitong klaseng tao, MAG-IIKOTAN lang ang labas sa walang katuturan usapan.

Mas may respito pa ang mga PUTI, lalo na ang mga taga Espanya, sa mga ORIGINAL na mga sinasabi ko sa blog ko kaysa sa mga PINOY na kagaya nitong sina CAPRI o KARL na meron UTAK BULATI.

Ang pangarap ni Auggie na pinoy komiks world domination ay posible lang kung ang mga pilipino ay may sariling ART & LITERARY PHILOSOPHIES, pero dahil sa UTAK COLONIAL AT ALIPIN NA MENTALIDAD na kagaya nitong si CAPRI o KARL na gusto palaging mga ATSOY/ATSAY lang ang mga pilipino sa buong mundo ay wala talagang mangyayari.

- Kapre

January 25, 2010 at 12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


may nakalimutan ako, pati pala iyong Chapter 55: THE UNCONVENTIONAL SUPER PAC TECHNIQUE ko sa blog ko tungkol sa pag-drawing ng SUPERHEROES NA MAY EXAGGERATION AT DYNAMIC TENSION na basado sa TINUTOBOL NA TAO ay sa implikasyon ng sinabi nitong si CAPRI o KARL ay kinopya ko daw sa mga puti, hhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Dapat talaga hambalosin na ng husto ng DOS-POR-DOS itong si CAPRI o KARL para tuluyan ng mabura ang COLONIAL AT ALIPIN NA MENTALIDAD sa tuktok nito.

- Kapre

January 25, 2010 at 1:14 PM  
Blogger Robby Villabona said...


May theory ako tungkol sa mga psychic/empath/etc tulad mo.

There's a school of thought in Physics that goes more or less like this: that TIME is an illusion made by our own minds. All that exists, existed, and will ever exist is there all the time. It's our consciousness that's passing through one stream of possibilities. This is an intriguing thought, and is taken seriously because nobody has been able to define what TIME really is.

I suspect that psychics have minds that are probably going through multiple streams of possibilities, in time and space. Kung baga nakakatawid yung consciousness mo sa ibang stream of possibilities. Parang cross-line sa telepono.

I've read that this ability can actually be developed through years of practice of meditation. Although there's no telling exactly what type of ability you will develop.

April 9, 2010 at 12:18 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Hi Rob:

Good info. But guess what?
I'd rather not have anything to do with this thing. I try not to pay attention to it.

I thinks it's good to live as normal as possible without all the complications, isn't it?

I must add also that this could be present in the genes as well, because if there's one "sensitive" in the family, chances are the other members will have "it" too.

April 9, 2010 at 8:49 AM  
Blogger Robby Villabona said...

Maybe you can consult some Zen Buddhist monks in your area to ask if they can help you turn it "off", or at least be able to manage it. Assuming it's still bothering you.

April 9, 2010 at 9:44 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

That's a very good idea. We have three big buddist monk temples in the suburbs of Richmond and I should be talking to the monks there.

Btw, how's your TOS? That's nasty, isn't it? I should be watching myself. It's good to be aware of these things because the tendency is many doctors don't know anything about it and therefore misdiagnose their patients.

Yes, it's good to have little breaks from the computer while working.

April 9, 2010 at 12:51 PM  
Blogger Yffar said...

Napadaan lang po ulit.

This is a very interesting topic. Napakainteresanteng isa-isahin ang mga mahahabang kumento dito.

Mabuti na lamang at wala akong kakaibang katangian gaya ng sa inyo. Pero dati dumating sa punto na naisip ko na sana ay may kakayanan akong kumausap ng mga namayapa para makausap ko ang tatay ko. noon ito, wala na akong balak ngayon, hehehe. XD masarap ang mabuhay ng normal. XD

matagal na po pala kayong hindi nagtitipa ng bago dito sa dotcom ninyo, sana ay magbalik po kayo (or kung meron man po kayong new blog, pls let me know. salamat po!)

November 21, 2010 at 2:04 AM  

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