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Down Memory Lane: Tikoy's Rizal Is Heavy Handed With Josephine

Tikoy Aguiluz’ RIZAL SA DAPITAN is a somber and ominous film. It utilizes many unknown actors; uses some hand-held shots quite reminiscent of Cinema Verité; a lot of tripod shots borrowed from neo-realism; dubbing of dialogues that do not match with the actors’ lips, something that reminds me of Felinni and Pasolini's films.

Most of the films about Rizal’s life that had been made before had always shown his execution by musketry.I am not blaming those filmmakers (including my favorite filmmaker, Gerry de Leon) because indeed that part had been the most dramatic scene in Rizal’s life. His execution by the Spaniards was truly a temptation for any filmmaker. It’s like the Devil in the garden on the Mount of Olives east of Jerusalem, who tried repeatedly to temp Jesus. Unfortunately, Filipino film directors are only human and it’s not surprising that many had succumbed to this temptation. They emphasized this part (usually as the final scene) and in fact, many of them were done in the much abused device known in the annals of filmmaking: the slow motion.

Therefore, what a relief when Aguiluz’ version opens with Rizal’s execution already carried out and his remains are being dragged by two of his executioners, los dos guardia civiles. This scene is extremely clever and powerful. Unfortunately, from this masterful beginning, the film utilizes another device that seems to haunt many scriptwriters and directors: the flashback.

We are told how Rizal, banished by the Spaniards to Dapitan, lived his life as a farmer, teacher, surgeon, entrepreneur, lover, son, brother, and even as a father to a still-born child. All these ploded on and on, that I began to wonder whether Tikoy Aguiluz is a member of of a club where Kevin Bacon and Keifer Suherland are both members: the Flatliners. Sure, there are obstacles and triumphs along the way as Rizal’s daily existence is expounded, but the whole movie is so flat, even the humor used is so dry, it would have been better if they had deleted them altogether.

In the movies (both Hollywood and Tagalog, but more in Tagalog), there is a recurring scene that seems not to go away: a leading man shoving her leading lady.

Charito Solis was shoved by Nestor de Villa in BULUNG-BULUNGAN; Marlene Dauden suffered the same fate from Eddie Rodriguez in MILAROSA; Charito Solis, once again, by Ric Rodrigo in DAHIL SA ISANG BULAKLAK; and even Faye Dunaway by Jack Nicholson in CHINATOWN.

When Albert Martinez (as Rizal) confronts Amanda Page (as Josephine Bracken) about her fidelity and veracity, I told myself, “Oh, boy! DON’T do it, Tikoy! Don’t! Please!”

But, Tikoy had succumbed to the second temptation! His Rizal shoves Josephine!

Now, I will have to add Amanda Page’s name on the list of belted leading ladies.

But the film’s trouble isn’t over yet. Even if the filmmakers added a disclaimer at the end that they had to invent many things to dramatize Rizal’s life in Dapitan, how can they explain the fact that many of the dialogues and motivations were totally UN-RIZAL?

Let’s examine some of Rizal’s wisdom here. “Sa mabahong tae ay sumisibol ang isang mabangong bulaklak” (From a stinky manure, a flower blooms).

I don’t think that Rizal would have insulted our intelligence by telling us that shit smells bad. Any farmer out there who had smelled a sweet-smelling manure, please send us some so that in return, we could send it to Tikoy Aguiluz. I know Jose "Pete" Lacaba's writing style, and he would never write such dialogue (either it was added by Tikoy, or was suggested by a leg man to add into the film). And unfortunately, the credit of the writing went to Lacaba (and this is one of sticky points in screenplay writing, everyone on the set has something to say, and the poor writers are blamed when the dialogues come out horrendous). Which reminds me of what I have experienced with Gosiengfiao in Bedspacers. I wrote the dialogue: "That's the bitch! The one we saw on Recto Avenue yesterday." During the shoot, the American actress who was playing the part said: "That's the bitch! The one we saw on Azcarraga yesterday."

I protested: "For crying out loud, Joey! No young people would even know what Azcarraga is! That name was known during my mother's time!"

"But Joey, it sounds classy!" he replied.

And, yes... the movie said Azcarraga, not Recto.

But wait, we're discussing Rizal Sa Dapitan.

How about Jose Rizal’s characterization? When one of Rizal’s sisters accused Josephine of infidelity and lying, Rizal confronted Josephine right there and then, hence the shoving scene.

I don’t think that Rizal, whose IQ was that of a genius and who was against violence and tyranny, would have listened to hearsay without investigating first, let alone resort to such violent action. I don't know if Pete wrote the script this way, but it's unlikely. The shoving must have been added during the shoot. Sure, Tikoy wants drama here, but if the character’s motivation is totally inconsistent from the personality of that character, such dramatic build up is rendered useless. Rizal, who was a very good doctor and a champion of women’s rights – would shove a woman who is also his wife and who is pregnant with a child?


Pete Lacaba had written the most sensible scripts in local movies and unless the devil made him do it, it's unthinkable for him to write this way.

Albert Martinez’s interpretation of Rizal’s characterization shows the intensity of Rizal’s demeanor. It may or may not be accurate in real life, but I rather liked the edgy touch he added into it.

Amanda Page is not Irish-looking enough for Josephine, but she’s quite charming and endearing. I just hope she refuses her director next time he asks her to be shoved by her leading man. Charito Solis, a world-class actress, had agreed to be pushed twice in her career, plus the other people who pushed her in real life as well. But that was during her time. That was then, this is now. If another director is going to use this scene in a film, he should be thrown in the slammer for being so banal.

Despite the many problems of Tikoy’s Rizal, there are some nice touches to this film. The shot of a gecko trying to crawl laboriously up the banyan tree is something akin to Rizal’s life who is facing an arduous future as an exile. The sunsets and the starless nights are like paintings done by a master. The overall dark look of this production reminds me of the Tikoy Aguiluz brand that is always present in his films, including the Boatman. If he were careful in his choice of materials, wean himself from the influence of the neo-realist movement of the fifties and used more established good-looking actors (and quit using every Tom, Dick, and Harry off the streets who can't act), stayed away from overused tableau vivants that are more recognizable than the soldiers raising a flag in Iwo Jima; and if he borrowed more from the French New Wave – he might end up yet as one of RP's better filmmakers.

Rizal Sa Dapitan is far from being a masterpiece, but its components (Lacaba's vision) have the makings of one.

Happy 148th birthday, JR.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


JM, you imp. Lagot ka kay Tikoy. Ha-ha-ha.

Nagkikita pa ba kayo ni Pete Lacaba?
Dios ko, 30+ years na rin pala ang SGP, ano? How's Butch Macaro nga pala? Parang hindi ko na siya nababalitaan.

Aliw na aliw ako sa blog mong ito. Dalas-dalasan mo naman ang pag-post, ha?


June 19, 2009 at 11:22 PM  
Blogger Reno said...

Yung tungkol sa screenwriting credits na kahit ang mga di isinulat ng screenwriter ay sa kanya napupunta ang sisi, tutoo iyan. My father moonlighted (moonlit?) as a scriptwriter during the 70s and 80s, and I remember seeing his name on a "bold" flick shown on TV (of course, heavily edited). I was shocked since I was just a kid and my dad was writing porn flicks! When I told him about it, he showed me the original screenplay, and explained that it wasn't intended to be a skin flick, the producers just decided to make it into one (presumably to make more money, I guess).

June 20, 2009 at 3:50 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Ikaw naman. Hindi mo pa inispel out ang pangalan mo. Who are you? Dennis Marasigan? Danilo Mendoza? Pinaisip mo pa ako :(

Alam mo bang ang huling attend ko ng meeting ng SGP ay 1980 pa? Iyon din ang huling pakikipaghuntahan ko sa mga miyembro. Siguro nga si Dennis ka dahil hinahanap mo si Butch. Alam mo naman iyon, kahi't parang tatay na natin ang agwat ng edad sa atin, parang barkada lang natin at talagang marunong makibagay sa mga bata sa kanya. Well, he went to Germany, got married to a Pinay nurse, had a son, got divorced, then went back to RP, broken, and waited for the day to see his grown son that was kept away from him by his ex-wife. A real Filipino tragedy. I happened to know about all these details because he used to phone and email me regularly. Then one day I didn't hear his voice but one of his relatives instead, who told me he passed away after suffering a stroke. Come to think of it, he must be in a better place now.


Talagang ganito nga ang palaging nangyayari. Sa atin pa naman diyan, eh, masyadong sige na lang ng sige. Kaya nga minsan ay nag-alburuto si Mars Ravelo. Yung original story niya, ang character (played by Lolita Rodriguez) ay isang inang iginapang ang kanyang mga anak para palakihin sa marangal na pamumuhay. Di baleng maglabandera, magtinda, maglinis ng bahay at mag-alaga pa ng mga anak. When the movie version came out, the essence of what Ravelo was trying to say was totally replaced by the director. Nagpuputa na ang ina para lang mag-create ng melodrama. Mr. Ravelo had a conniption, and rightly so. Sino ba naman ang matutuwa nito? Even the moviegoers didn't buy it. They read the komiks version in Liwayway and they saw the inspiring story of a mother, then when they excitedly went to the theater to re-lived the experience in sights and sounds, ayun, puro shenanigans ang nakita. I mean, hindi ako against sa mga director na binabago ang story pagdating sa pelikula. Film is another medium and it has its own nuances and uniqueness. Pero kung ang kaluluwa mismo ng original ay halos di mo na makita, bakit ko pa tatawaging ito iyon, eh hindi naman? Di gumawa na lang sila ng ibang story na sarili nila at huwag nang gamitin ang title ng isang story na serialized pa mandin at pre-sold na sa audience.

Your dad must have been a member of the SGP (Scrrenwriters Guild of the Philippines) and probably in his late forties as well. Naku, Reno ka. Ni-remind mo pa tuloy sa akin na huling taon ko na ito bilang linya 4. My gawd, diyata't tutuntong na ako sa kalahati ng century next year? Antediluvian na nga pala talaga ako :(

But seriously, I feel like I'm just twenty! LOL.

June 20, 2009 at 5:06 AM  
Blogger Nikolas said...

Womens rights were at a sad state back then. A man can murder his wife on suspicion of infidelity. Juan Luna had done so, only suffering a Peso fine.

sorry, but I'm a big history lover and the 19th century had very very different standards as that of today. One should also consider that it is not polite to talk about "beating" one's wife so we cannot count of anecdotal evidence to that any man of that time is as saintly as witnesses may claim- statistically men beat their wives alot then and even the surviving anecdote of rizal's violence shouldn't be able to mar his virtue especially he was measured by a different moral standard in his time.

But since this is a aesthetic debate, let us just throw the history out he window- to ask a compromise between artistry and historical integrity is to ask for utopia. You cannot have one with the other, and it leads to self deception to think one can have both. It is better to think of historical accuracy as there to lend authenticity but never to make any interpretation "truth". Anyway, people go to see a historical movie to be entertained (and it is a self deception if it is to be educated) one might as well accept it and know their priorities than to fail to see the priorities. If people wanted truth and accuracy, they would have read and researched the matter themselves and formed their own opinion.

my two cents. Its nice to have such a discussion with fellow filipinos.

June 20, 2009 at 9:18 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


We all know the fact that the early 1900s had different standards. But, as human beings, our emotions, desires, dreams and passion – all remained the same.

We also know that criminal minds are always in our midst. But, it doesn’t mean that all of us will maim or kill a fellow man just because we are all capable of doing so. Man’s inhumanity to man exists,
so is man’s heroism.

Same thing in the case of Luna and Rizal. Just because Luna went postal, it didn’t necessarily mean that Rizal will also do the same.

Comparing Rizal with Luna is like comparing a pomegranate and a passion fruit. A pomegranate is quite “bloody” inside like Luna, while a passion fruit is light yellow-green, subdued, like Rizal.

And basing from Rizal’s works and written anecdotes about him, there is no doubt in my mind that he was a
truly peace-loving person. Prudent, brave, even idealistic. It is therefore sensible and consistent for Rizal to be kind, conscientious, and very much capable of sharing unconditional love to his fellow man.

This is the reason why I totally disagree with Tikoy for making his Rizal shove the pregnant Josephine.
It is just out of his character, and therefore, unacceptable for me.

And even if the film was almost historical fiction, it doesn’t change the fact that Rizal is indeed deserving to be the Philippines’ national hero.

June 20, 2009 at 10:35 PM  
Blogger Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

pag dating sa mga pelikula.maraming nababago.di ako bihasa sa mga ito.pero nakapanuod lang ako ng shooting,nung inabangan ko sa sinehan.iba na ang lumabas.nawala yung tema sa napanuod kong shooting ng pelikula.

June 21, 2009 at 6:10 AM  
Blogger Nikolas said...

I'm not a big fan of Rizal having been forced-fed him all my educated life. Didn't Ambeth Ocampo have something to say about that. Anyway, I just happen to remember something in that way that Ambeth Ocampo said about the matter and I will leave you with your own opinion of the matter.

On my Honest Opinion about heroes:
I used to romanticize these people before but those ideals are dangerous and can lead to fanaticism and the inability to appreciate another point of view (especially since I cannot reconcile convictions). Such thoughts remove objectivity and creates unusual expectations that collide and may disincline people to what the actual truth may be.

I admit that my point of view is pretty heretical to nationalists but IMO the very imperfection that we learn about these heroes makes them more human and less "propaganda". I am against impossible ideals that can never be achieved and would rather work with the painful truth as to work with the most accurate of data.

On the matter of aesthetics, it is ok which ever interpretation one may like to make on the matter. I'm perfectly fine with the use of artistic license of the artist. Its just that the artist should be very careful not to fall in with his own "Sale".

On the matter of Rizal Being a national hero, please read up on why he was chosen and who chose him to be the national hero. Sources of the discussion came from my professors but in context- it was America who chose for the Philippines their national hero (that you can find in Agoncilio)

It is interesting that a lot of facts, easily found and sources cited never come to light in Phil educational system: as an example Did you know General Otis of the Phil Am war was responsible for the casulties of 1M filipinos. That was 20% of the Philippine population- one of the greatest war casualty proportions to be found in history yet we have a street and honorifics to his name.

Sorry, I would just go on and on. But I think you should more of Ambeth Ocampo, re-read Agoncilio (the standard history book for Fil universities), Check out Anarchy of Families, Burgis, Filipinos at War, etc and brace your self with painful truths that will shake many convictions about being Filipino.

Studying general medieval and renaissance demographics also help on the matter.

Its nice to finally talk to another filipino about these readings (and someone who may actually care) and I'm surprised to still have much of my sources memorized. I know that sources are everything in such discussions so I'm pretty much ready to help with books and sources if you are interested in pursuing enlightenment and discussion about the matter.

June 21, 2009 at 9:09 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Kumusta ka na diyan sa bansang MABUHANGIN? Grabe na siguro ang homesikness mo, pero lilipas din iyan.

Tungkol sa Pelikulang tagalog, marami talaga ang mga sakit nito, at may sinulat nga akong stage play noon, isang sort of exposé ng mga ills ng Filipino films. Comedy ito at ang array ng mga characters ay sinadya kong i-lift from the characters in local showbiz. Riotus yung baklang movie reporter na pinabili lang ng sukang Iloko, pagbalik, naging PATIS na. Ay, ano pala... reporter na.

Salamas... ehe... salamat pala... sa pagdalaw mo. Dadalaw na nga uli sa blog mo nang makipagbalitaan naman sa mga regular characters doon.

Take care my friend and be happy.

June 21, 2009 at 11:55 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


It's fine to express your opinion, and say facts we all know about Philippine History. Teodoro Agoncillo is my ninong, but this is not the main reason why I find Zaide or Gagelonia's Philippine history books BUNK! Yet, we always wonder why in Philippine schools these two historians were placed by the Department of Education as official historians for High School. Do I smell nepotism/politics in the air, or what?

It's also normal for a Filipino to be offended by what the Americans did to the Filipinos, or, even to Guatemalans for instance. Hegemony ruled all the time, like that United Banana company incident in Guatemala.

I don't underestimate the Filipino people, though. I know they are not stupid to eat whatever the so-called propagandists propagated lies.

But, I still like Rizal even if he was the chosen one for the country to be the National Hero as say, against Bonifacio. I like the quiescence of his conviction, of his display of strength in character. While his colleagues displayed grandiose emotions for everbody to see, Rizal had never succumbed to argumentum ad misericordiam nor argumentum ad bacculum. He was collected, decisive, unflinching.

You may call me an idealist and/or naive, but I still believe in the beauty of man's humanity. Let me then quote here Oscar Wilde, whose country was also invaded and was subject to hegemony:

"A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing."

And also, every time the argument of who the best Philippine president the country has ever had, I'd choose DIOSDADO MACAPAGAL without batting an eyelid. Not a brilliant man, but a very good economist and had never resorted to nepotism and amassing wealth while in power, hence during his time, the Philippines became the second richest country in Asia, after Japan.

Filipinos know what they want and they deserve whatever they get in return. They know this, and because they know, they're not a bunch of ignoramuses, jerks or nincompoops. They only need to settle their divisiveness and regionalism.

What stands out with Filipinos wherever they go is their DIVISIVENESS. And this is their downfall. If you read the struggles and competition amongst the LAPUZ and ESCUDERO factions during the second world war, you'll be amazed how ridiculous Filipinos can get, especially during a national crisis. They have the tendency to add fuel to the fire and the result can be very tragic. They are not stupid, they have the guts, but their determination is hampered by divisiveness.

And, if the politicians would rather discuss the tryst of Katrina Halilli, Hayden Kho and Vickie Belo in the Senate (while ignoring the enormity of other national concerns), then the whole world will confirm that indeed, RP is a banana republic.

It is only the Filipinos who could make their country they can be proud of, and no one else. They are the ones who should decide their own destiny, and no one else.

Rizal tried to open their eyes, and it is unfortunate that not very many seem to have listened. If we look at it, the struggles of the Filipinos in 2000s still parallel with those of Rizal's era: against corruption, colonialism, and hegemony.

June 21, 2009 at 1:49 PM  
Anonymous Kapre said...

Ang kailangan talaga sa Pilipinas ay isang leader o national hero na meron utak Bonifacio at Mao at malaking bayag na ang kanyang patakaran ay pagpila-pilahin ang lahat ng mga tao sa Pilipinas at paghahambalosin ng DOS-POR-DOS ang mga tuktok para tumino. HHHHHHH ......

June 22, 2009 at 8:53 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

He-he. Kung iyan ang nangyari, lahat na sana ng politiko sa Pilipinas ay na -knock out dahil lahat sila ay deserving na hambalusin ng dos por dos.


June 22, 2009 at 9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


pero ayon sa ibang historians, loser daw itong si Bonifacio. He lost all his battles noon, zero , walang panalo, at nagmakaawa pa raw ito sa kaniyang executioners. hardly the stuff of heroes.


Dapat isapelikula yung labanan ng dalawang guerilla faction sa Sorsogon noon, yung Lapuz-Escudero rivalry, para makita talaga ang kagaguhan ng mga Filipinos. Biruin mo, mi common enemy, yung mga Sakang, eh nagawa pa nilang mag away, at magpatayan dahil lang siguro sa ego tripping. Country muna bago ang sarili. Krisis noon sana isinantabi nila ang personal differences nila. Mga ugok talaga. Di tuwang-tuwa ang mga Hapon....

Di ko pa napapanood iyang pelikula ni Tikoy, but how does it compare with BAYANING THIRD WORLD, ni Mike de Leon ?


June 24, 2009 at 6:32 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Napakaraming buhay ng mga Filipinos ang nautas dahil sa awayan ng dalawang factions na ito. One of my uncles (Alfonso Armengol) was actually killed at age 19, just because he was caucasian-looking and the other group thought that he was an Escudero.

The Japanese Imperial Army was unleashing atrocities left and right, then there were the factions fomenting more divisions and chaos by adding more fuel to the fire.

It was truly stupid.

Re: Bayaning Third World, I'd say that this one has its own appeal as well. It just depends on the viewer's taste. For me, Bayaning Third World is a better film.

June 24, 2009 at 8:03 AM  
Anonymous Kapre said...


ang dapat talaga na basehan ng pagiging hero ng sinuman ay hindi dahil sa matapang ito o madami ang pinanalunan niyang mga labanan, dapat ang basehan ay ang ideya na kanyang ipinaglaban. Angkop dito si Boniface, at kung siya ang naging national hero ng Pilipinas ay baka umasenso na tayo ngayon.

Si Risaldo na pacifista ay ginawa na national hero ng mga kano para makontrol ang mga pilipno at gawin mga atsoy at atsay nila ito, iyon naging atsoy at atsay tuloy ang maraming pilipino sa buong mundo.

Pangkalahatan, ang mga pilipino ay hindi makatindig sa sarili, palaging sunod-sunuran sa kano at ibang mga dayuhan, puro mga pacifista rin ang marami na kagaya ni Rizaldo, tuloy mga atrasado ang mga utak. Sa komiks na lang ay halata ang pagiging atrasado ng mga maraming komiks arists natin, takot ipaglaban ang mga bagay na makabago.


madalas ikuwento ito ng tatay ko sa akin ang tungkol sa labanan nina Escudero at Lapuz nuon. Tonto & estupido talaga ang dalawang ito. Pag nahuli iyong makalapuz ay pinapalakol ito sa likod ng makaescudero, tadtad naman ng baril iyong makaescudero pag nahuli ng makalapuz.

Iyong tagapalakol na berdugo ni Escudero ay cannibal pa ito, kasama ito ng tatay ko na nakahuli ang grupo nila ng hapon, iniihaw ng berdugong ito ang mga tinga ng hapon para kainin, katuwiran nito na hindi raw tao ang hapon. Nuong tapos na ang giyera, kuwento pa rin ito ng tatay ko, nahuli naman itong berdugo ng mga kumunista, ang ginawa sa kanya ng mga kumunista ay tinadtad ito, pinutol ang mga paa, mga kamay, mga tinga, ilong, dila at hinalukay ang mga mata bago pinutulan ito ng ulo. Kabayaran yata itong nangyari sa kanya sa dami niyang pinalakol na mga bicolano nuong panahon ng hapon.

June 24, 2009 at 5:17 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

Maski na siguro si Boniface pa ang naging National Hero, we epek sa mga tao. Proned to AMNESIA yata ang karamihan sa pinoy. Madaling makalimot, at laging oppsoe sa mga pagbabago at mga bagay-bagay. Mukhang mali pa ang pirorities. Bakit kasi pinagkakaabalahan itong si KATRINA HALINGHING, gayong santambak ang mga bagay na pambayan na dapat kaharapin.

At ito ngang LAPUZ VS. ESCUDERO ang isang halimbawa ng awayan ng mga pinoy. May gera na't lahat at inaabuso na ng mga Hapon, ayun at inuuna pa ang kanilang mga petty quarrels at idinadmay ang mga walang malay.

My family was very close to the Escuderos, but whenever I had the opportunity to keep my distance, I always do.

June 24, 2009 at 6:59 PM  
Blogger Nikolas said...

On the further note on generalizing:

I know its so much easier to generalize and polarize problem between bad and good. Complex problems require complex solutions. One should want to read up on all the details and factors that make up the limitations of any problem. I understand Ranting and all, I make more than my fair share of Rants but it is a waste of an audience IMO. Because when you rant and an audience listens, they you could start to work to solve a problem and walk away with more than one began instead of adding fuel to the fire of dissatisfaction.

June 24, 2009 at 8:38 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


I couldn't agree more.
I, too am a fan of gray areas.
But, we all know that to search for these gray areas, we need to utilize everything that's available for us and examine the issue as humanly possible.

That's why we deal first with the black and white. These shades will trigger eventually to let the gray come out.

It happened in this blog before and it can happen again. All we have to do is keep expressing whatever we feel will enlighten and/or obfuscate the realities, but in doing so, a healthy discussion could result from it, and possibly, a solution to the problem. There are moments when it is impossible to reach a solution, but it is still okay. People nowadays tend to shrug their shoulders to things they see around them, and it's good to know that others are still out there, giving a damn, like the way you do.

Speak freely, nobody's going to stop you. All of us might even pick up something from you that could brighten our days and that could make us keep looking for the morrow with vision, inspiration and conviction.

June 24, 2009 at 9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yung anak ng the BUTCHER OF BULUSAN, na kasapi sa Lapuz faction, ay nasa LA ngayon, si Bobby Reyes, journalist doon, at kilala sa bansag ng DON QUIXOTE OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, dahil ang daming advocacies. Ayon sa blog niya nitong nakaraan na FATHER'S DAY, eh napakagaling daw na Hitman ng late father niya sa pag-execute sa mga Hapon at miyembro ng Escudero faction. School mate ko ito si Bobby noon, sa Sorsogon. You may want to contact him, gusto niya kinikontak siya ng mga kasimanwa niyang mga Uragon.

June 25, 2009 at 12:46 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


I will contact him so I can feature him in the paper I am editing here in Vancouver.

June 25, 2009 at 9:03 AM  
Anonymous Kapre said...

Ang solusyon sa mga kumplikadong problema ay napaka-simple lang, iyong ginawa ni Mao sa China ay simpleng solusyon, pinagpila-pila ang mga mokong na intsik at NIRAPIDO sila, di tumino ang ibang mga intsik.

Iyong solusyon ko naman ay medyo iba kaysa kay Mao, pagpila-pilahin rin ang mga pilipino sa Luneta at paghataw-hatawin bawa't isa ng DOS-POR-DOS para matauhan at tumino rin, HHHHHHH .......

Ang kumplikadong problema ng mga pilipino ay maikukumpara ito sa isang bahay na ang mga nakatira ay ayaw maglinis sa looban nito ng nakakapandiring mga dumi nila na sila mismo ang nagkalat, ang solusyon ay maglinis, at kung ayaw maglinis ay pagwawalisin ang mga taong ito ng DOS-POR-DOS.

Ang problema sa tao ay ito, ang simpleng problema ay ginagawang kumplikado, at ang kumplikadong problema ay ginagawang mas lalong kumplikado. Pero ang solusyon sa LAHAT ng klaseng problema ay simple lang. Halimbawa ang isang kumplikadong problema ngayon sa buong mundo ay ang druga, ang simpleng solusyon ay barilin ang mga drug pushers. Pero ang mga tao ay ayaw sa ganito dahil kagaya ng unang ehemplo ko sa itaas na mga tao na ayaw maglinis sa kanilang bahay. Kung nagawa ito ni Mao na maglinis ay bakit hindi magawa ito ng mga pilipino? Dahil ang mga pilipino, nasabi ko na nga, kulang sa hataw ng DOS-POR-DOS sa bumbunan.

Pansinin pala ninyo ito, ang simpleng problema na naging kumplikado, ang mga pilipino ay hindi sinusunod ang mga traffic signs. Ang simpleng solusyon ay patawan ng multa iyong mga lumalabag sa traffic at iyong mga polis na kurakot at ayaw ipatupad ang traffic laws ay barilin sa Luneta, pustahan tayo at tiyak na ang mga pilipino ay magiging mga parang tuta na susunod sa mga batas na ito. Sa Singapore, simpleng solusyon pag naglura ka sa kalsada ay kulong ka na at may multa ka pa, at iyong tarantadong mga bata nila na gumagawa ng mga vandalism ay nilalatigo. Pero iyong mga pilipino ay iniihian ang bawa't kanto, nagtatapon ng tae sa mga kalsada at dalampasigan, at niluluraan ang lahat ng mga lugar dahil walang silang mga diciplina. Bakit hindi magawa ito sa Pilipinas na nagawa sa Singapore? Paano kasi kulang rin sa hataw sa bumbunan ng DOS-POR-DOS ang mga pilipino.


Ang solusyon rin ng Diyos sa mga kumplikadong kabuangan ng mga tao sa buong mundo ay napaka-simple rin sa panahon ng Armageddon, BUBURAHIN niya ang tarantadong mga tao sa buong mundo para malinis ito. Simple ang solusyon ng Diyos, di ba?

June 25, 2009 at 10:41 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

In short, gawin ang ginawa ni DRACO sa Athens noong ipinaglilihi pa lamang si Madam Auring.

Though most of the time Draconian laws always result in rebellion.


Ano pa ba ang masasabi ko kundi...

June 25, 2009 at 12:31 PM  
Anonymous Kapre said...


ginamitan ang hapon ng DRACO ng shogun nila nuon, isang halimbawa nuon pag nagputol ng kahoy ang sinuman sa Japan ay pinuputulan rin ng ulo ito, ngayon ay multa at kulong na lang. Resulta, disiplinado ang mga hapon ngayon. DRACO rin ang ginamit sa China at sa Singapore, tingnan mo mga disiplinado ang mga tao rin duon.

Itong hampas na DOS-POR-DOS sa bumbunan ng mga barbarong pilipino, HHHHHHH, ay DRACOLITO lang ito, dapat talaga DRACO ang gamitin sa mga pilipino para madisiplina ang mga ito.

June 25, 2009 at 8:48 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

Ang dapat na unang paghahambalusin ng dos por dos ay yung mga Pilipinong pulitikos para matauhan.


June 25, 2009 at 9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Kumporme ako diyan sa sinasabi mo. Complex problems ? Simplify !!example, binigyan si Alexander the Great, ng problema, paano daw so-solvahin ang problema ng GORDIAN KNOT, yung lubid na nagkabuhol-buhol at wala ng taong pwedeng mag-ayos nito. Extremely simple solution ang ginawa ni Alex: pinagtataga niya ang lubid ,at iyun humulagpos, tapos ang problema.

Kung minsan simple lang talaga ang solution, ayaw lang gawin dahil daw sa mga consequences gaya ng: human rights violations kuno, tyrannical kuno, fascistic kuno, very bad kuno in the eyes of the international community, walang investments kunong darating, which I think is a lot of BS ! Bakit nagawa ni Mao, Lee Kwan Yew, Dr.Mahatir, at Suharto. Itong si Suharto close to 2 million communists/leftists/sympathizers ang pinatay nito, ang iba pinakain sa buwaya. Si Mao lalo na. Kung gustong i-improve ang society mi price. YOU GOTTA PAY THE PRICE !


June 25, 2009 at 10:59 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

June 25, 2009 at 11:36 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


He-he. Simple solutions, indeed.

But, look at Canada. It is very concerned about human rights and other ek-eks, yet, we don't resort to Machiavellian strategies or draconian laws. So we wonder why this is such a peaceful, almost an example of an ideal country.

Is it possible that because of its socialist approach to society yet a true democracy – that its people pick up the good vibes through osmosis?

I have no doubt that the government leaders you've mentioned have succeeded to "reform" the people. But I still wonder if the people living in these aforementioned countries do not feel they are existing in a deterministic society.

I've had conversations with people from Singapore who have migrated here and the most pet peeve they have is the Singaporean government. They express their exasperation about Singapore's laws, saying that they feel "less" like an honest to goodness free person because they feel they are being constricted all the time.

June 25, 2009 at 11:39 PM  
Anonymous Kapre said...

Ang pagbabago ay depende sa mga tao, may mga tao na pagsabihan mo ng isang beses lang o balbagin mo ng isang beses lang ng DOS-POR-DOS ay nagbabago na sila, ang tawag sa kanila sa Bibliya ay ang mga RIGHTEOUSLY INCLINED. May mga tao naman na kahit hatawin mo ng paulit-ulit ng DOS-POR-DOS ay hindi talaga magbabago sa kanilang mga kabuangan, ang tawag naman sa Bibliya sa ganitong klaseng mga tao ay ang mga WICKED.

Ang mga masamang ugali ng mga pilipino na naging parte na ng kultura nito, na naging sagabal sa pag-abante nito, ay sagad na hanggan buto, napakahirap ng baguhin ito sa pamamagitan ng reeducation, draconian na pamamaraan na talaga ang kailangan para mabago sila. Ang Diyos mismo ay draconian ang ginamit sa mga Israelites para turuan ang mga ito ng mabuting mga asal. Halimbawa iyong batas ng Diyos sa Sabbath na sinalungat ng isang tao ay inutosan ni Moses na patayin ito para magsilbeng sample sa iba.

Ang mahigpit na batas na dapat ipatupad palagi ay BAKOD sa mga masasama, para kasing mga kambing ito na pag meron nakitang butas ang bakod ay lulusatan ito. Ang mabubuting tao ay hindi kailangan ang batas o bakod, para kasing mga tupa ito na hindi gumagawa ng masama kaya hindi nila kailangan ang batas.

Ang kailangan sa pilipino ay draconian na mga batas at ipatupad ang mga ito palagi dahil isangkatutak ang mga kambing sa atin na dapat bakuran ng mga batas na ito. Ang mga kambing ang malaking problema sa paatras na pagsulong ng mga pilipino.

June 26, 2009 at 7:52 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

Okay ito, ah.

Hala, gawing KALDERETA ang mga kambing na ito.


June 26, 2009 at 9:54 AM  
Blogger Manohar said...

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July 4, 2009 at 2:05 AM  
Blogger Kosa said...

kakaiba ang pelikula nuon.. iba ang dating...

salamat nga pala sa pagdaan sa aking kinakukutaan... its nice to meet fellow blogger na nakakuta dito sa Vancouver.

July 7, 2009 at 8:16 PM  
Blogger jeszieBoy said...

napanuod ko nato..
pero bat parang di ko maalala?

haha. :]]

July 9, 2009 at 4:12 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Hey Jeszie:

Nauulyanin ka na siguro. Lol.
Kain ka ng mga brain food para llong tumalas ang memory mo.

July 9, 2009 at 4:20 PM  
Blogger PABLONG PABLING said...

dude salamat sa pag daaan. palibot na rin dito.

July 16, 2009 at 10:45 PM  
Blogger Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

magandang lalaki ako, este magandang araw pala.:)musta na pards, napadaan lang,hinahanap ka ng komiks artista at novelista.he he he.

August 13, 2009 at 3:13 AM  

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