Sunday, January 3, 2010


At age 15 (two months before I turned sixteen), I figured I should stop asking our family driver or my older brother or older sister to be driving me around. Everyone at home became worried when I declared to the whole family at the dining table one evening: “I’m ready to drive a car of my own!”

My mother’s reaction was: “With the kind of traffic we have here in the city, I don’t think it will be sensible for someone as young as you are, to drive!”

My father seconded: “There are just too many reckless drivers out there, and you’re a bit too young. Wait for another year, maybe two – by then you’d be old enough to do so.”

“You always want to grow old too quickly,” my older brother told me. “Relax. I’m still here, and I can drive you when you go to the studio at midnight for your taping sessions.”

The words that came out of my mouth surprised everyone: “I don’t get it. If at thirteen, I was old enough to have sex, why am I not old enough to drive a car at fifteen?”

Silence. Everyone, especially my four sisters, glowered at me in disbelief and annoyance. We were brought up allowing to express our opinions freely, but this latest repartee was a rude awakening for everyone.

Cubao during rush hour, photo by Istvan Hidvegi

“You had your first time two years ago?” My brother said with wide eyes open. “My God, I’m a late bloomer, then. My first foray into sexual intercourse was when I was sixteen!”

“Now, I have no time listening to all your nonsense, boys! And especially you,” My sister (who became a nun) said with embarrassment and clearly offended, pointing at me. “And I thought you said you want to become a priest, thank you very much!” She got up and left the table.

My father took a deep breath and exhaled, then smiled: “Okay, okay. I’ll let you drive, but first, I want you to go to a driving school. This very popular driving school in Quezon City will train you to become an excellent driver.”

I got up, hurried towards between my dad and my mom, hugged them and kissed their cheeks. By the way, I forgot to mention that I came from a family of kissers. We kiss our parents when we arrive home, and they kiss us in return. We kissed our parent’s goodbye, we kissed them when we woke up in the morning, etc., etc. In short, we were like one happy Mafioso family (who even kiss their co-gang members scheduled to be butchered in a matter of a few minutes before execution). But, no. We did not execute any members of our own family.

But, you may ask: man, what has this got to do with my first driving experience?

A lot, actually. Because this incident was the plot point (from a scriptwriter’s POV) that made the story turn around, and which, had catapulted it into another direction.

I will not mention the name of the so-called EXCELLENT driving school that everybody talked about in Quezon City, which, I think, had hoodwinked many people including my own father.

So, I went to the well-known driving school. It had a presentable facade, spacious compound, and lots of standard transmission cars for student drivers.

Its syllabus was nothing to sneeze at. It divided the lessons in four parts:
• Lecture on the mechanics of a North American cars vs. European cars vs. Japanese cars.
• Familiarization of different car parts
• Lecture on trouble shooting and car care
• Actual road driving experience

Very comprehensive! I whispered to myself.

My first day was the lecture, and I indeed became enlightened to the difference between the North American, Japanese, and European cars. I also became aware of the different car parts and how to operate them. I also enjoyed the trouble-shooting lectures.

But, the actual road driving experience was another story.

On my first day of driving, I met my driving instructor on our way to the parking lot to go to the car I would be driving. The instructor began talking to me. The first thing I noticed was his somewhat slurred speech. I thought, oh, well, maybe he had some speech problem. He was bragging to me that he was one of the best drivers in the Philippines, that he got his international driver’s license in California and took the road test in Los Angeles, and got one of the three highest scores among the examinees.

Really. Then I must be in good hands.

When we entered the car, the first time he opened his mouth, I smelled alcohol. Hmm, what’s going on here?

The school bragged about their facilities, yet when I started the engine, I realized that he didn’t have his own steering wheel! He placed his foot on top of my foot to control the clutch. Oh, my!

First, we drove along the quiet road by the school and everything was fine. He showed me the “hanging” technique and how to control a standard transmission. The lesson was going well when suddenly, he said: “I think you’re ready to hit the highway. Let’s go to EDSA!”

I hesitated: “It’s now rush hour. Do you think it’s a good idea to go there?”

He was agitated by my suggestion: “Huwag ka na ngang nag-i-English at naiilang ako! At saka ba’t mas marunong ka pa sa nagtuturo sa iyo? Sino ba sa atin ang estudyante, ikaw o ako?”

“Di ba’t obvious naman ang sagot diyan, at di na dapat itanong. Ang inaalala ko lang, ngayon lang ako humawak ng manibela, tapos pupunta tayo sa highway, at rush hour pa.”

“Masyado kang matalino,” was his curt reply. “Basta doon tayo sa EDSA.”

So, to EDSA we went. Gosh, the reckless drivers were having their merriest moments. They passed, they cut, they honked like there were no tommorow. It’s not as bad as Interstate 5 leading towards the entrance to Seattle City Center, but EDSA was bad enough due to undisciplined drivers who didn’t seem to understand the meaning of Defensive Driving.

These snaking freeways leading to Seattle city center may look harmless, but try driving here during rush hours, especially during a long weekend, and you'd probably swear to high heavens never to take this route ever again. The flow of the traffic is extremely smooth, but nobody's keeping the speed limit. Everybody's speeding. One driver error could mean a huge disaster.

When I reached the Cubao area, I watched from my side view mirror a small orange bus coming in full speed, passed me and abruptly cut me to pick up a waiting passenger on the sidewalk.

The instructor had a conniption.

“Putang inang baby bus iyan, ah! Ginitgit tayo! Hintayin mong umandar iyan at ipapakita natin sa anak ng putang iyan kung ano ang ginawa niya sa atin.”

Don't let this bright, multi-colored lights outlining the Seattle Interstate 5 (I-5) leading to Seattle City center fool you as something exalting to your spirits. Only when your car becomes one of the many lights you'd realize why the moth in Rizal's story got burned by the lamp. Taken from Dr. Jose P. Rizal Bridge in Seattle, Photo by Charles Middleton.

So, when the little orange bus glided again, he ordered me: “Ngayon, habulin mo ang anak ng putang iyan.” He said while honking nonstop.

“Bakit pa, para ano pa?” was my protest.

“Putang... isa ka pa! Sinabi nang habulin mo! Habulin mo!”

He was fuming mad and was forcing his foot on the gas, so I had to obey. I drove like a maniac and ran after the baby bus. When we got ahead of it, my brilliant instructor who got his licensed from Cali (I don’t think so), told me to: “Gitgitin mo. I-cut mo ang putang ina. Dali. I-cut mo at ipreno mo nang bigla para maleksion ang anak ng putang iyan!

Well, I did exactly that. I cut right in-front of the baby bus and stopped.

SCREEEEEEECH! The baby bus missed us by a few inches.

The Dr. Jose P. Rizal Bridge in Seattle, Washington.

The instructor got out and hopped on the bus, and I swear he was about to beat up the other driver, but thanks to the lady konduktora and some civic minded passengers, the THRILLA IN EDSA had been aborted.

The incident had given me migraine. And I can say for sure that one of my most unforgettable experiences in life was my first driving experience in the Philippines.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked by this post. Thirteen years old. OMG.

That first driving experience is so scary and also very funny. I was having my merienda when I read it and I nearly choked while eating sotanghon. The dialogues are so real. Hehe.

My God, you really can entertain and at the same time make people think. Your blog always makes my day.

Nasa'n na ang magugulong mga daga dito? Mukhang natakot at nagsisiksikan na sa kanilang mga lungga dahil itatapon mo na ang kanilang mga kabastusan.

Hayz, JM. You're one in a million.

January 4, 2010 at 1:16 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Hi annabellegonzales:

Thanks for dropping by.
Sasalain ko na uli ang mga comments dahil kung minsan ay walang pakundangan kung mag-iwan ng mesahe ang mga ANO (nymous, mice, moose at kung anu-ano pa).

By the way, totoo bang ang sotanghon daw diyan ngayon sa Pilipinas ay gawa na sa flour at hindi na galing sa mungo?

Kung totoo ito, hindi na maganda sa katawan iyan. Baka masira ang figure mo niyan.
Yung sotanghon na nabibli ko rito y galing sa mungo (green bean), kaya protein ang makukuha ng katawan mo. Yung harina ay carbohydrates lang.
Next time, huwag kang magbabasa ng mga comments sa blog habang kumakain ng sotanghon dahil baka mahirinan ka.

HHHHHHHH sabi nga ni Supremong Kapre.

January 4, 2010 at 11:21 AM  
Anonymous said...


Number one fan na ako nitong blog mo. Pati mga kasamahan ko dito sa call center nagbabasa na rin at nagtatawanan sila doon sa driving instruction na napag-aralan mo sa Quezon City. Ang dami kong napupulot na facts dito. Binasa ko ang ingredients ng sotanghon, hindi nga green beans. Junk pala ang laman nito. Maghahanap nga ako ng gawa sa green bean. Mas masarap siguro iyon pero mas mahal.

May tulay pala sa Seattle na ang tawag ay Dr. Jose P. Rizal? Tingnan mo, kung hindi mo nilagay dito ang photo, wala kaming kaalam-alam tungkol dito.

Teka nga pala, ilang mensahe ng mga daga na ba ang ibinasura mo?

January 4, 2010 at 4:08 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Good. Look for the green bean because it's healthy.

Now, ilan na ang anonymous na ibinasura ko?

So far 7 messages. Pero hindi naman anonymous ang ginamit na mga pangalan. Mayroong: Mr. Manila; Mr. Warm, anony-muse, tarogo-mous. It's either ito ang mga dting anonymouse na ngayon ay nagtatago na sa ibang mga pangalan. Kung legit sana ang mensahe, ipinaskel ko. Kaso, may nilalait na namang tao, this time si Arman Francisco at Randy Valiente naman.

Naku, kung minsan, kataka-taka ang pinoy kung bakit may mga taong ganito sa ating sosiyedad.

Very frustrating talaga. Ang takot lang nilang humarap ng mata sa mata kina Supremong Kapre at Auggie Surtida. Mado-dos por dos sila nitong dos bicolanos na ito.

January 4, 2010 at 10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


So at last, you finally got rid of those LOWLIFES, who has been fouling and stinking your blog. Keep it that way.

As for your first driving lesson at EDSA, it sounds like a recipe for ROAD RAGE. It's getting worse here now. The nephew of Freddie Aguilar, is wanted by the law for shooting to death a son of a Malacanang bureaucrat.Reason? ROAD RAGE. He is still on the lam.


January 5, 2010 at 3:43 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Ang dami pa ring mga anonymous. Pero ibang grupo na naman yata ito dahil directed namn kina Randy at Arman yung mga galit nila. Nainis yata sa sinabi nina Randy at Arman kaya sila naman ngayon ang pinupuntirya. Hindi na talaga siguro mawawala sa Pilipinas ang ganito. Makapanggulo lang, kahi't ano sasabihin.

Anyway, ako man ay hindimakapaniwala na ang isang driving instructor ay umasta ng ganoong klaseng temper. I bet the school didn't know they hired a jerk, a piece of shit and an asshole. Pardon my French, but that was exactly what he was. Hindi malayong nasangkot iyon sa gulo dahil sa katarantaduhan. Biruin mong mgtuturo ka ng driving, lasing ka na, butangero ka pa. Kunsabagay, ang road rage nga ngayon ay palala nang palala.

January 5, 2010 at 9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


ako talaga ang walang problema sa road rage, hanggan kasi ngayon ay hindi ako marunong mag-drive, hhhhhhh.

Meron kasing nagpayo sa akin kaibigan kung puti na kung meron daw magtanong sa akin bakit hanggan ngayon ay hindi ako marunong mag-drive, sagutin ko raw ng pabalang ng ganito, "SMART PEOPLE DON'T DRIVE," hhhhhhh, sige laban kayo diyan.

Sa blog ko pala ng bawalan ko na hindi na puwede ang mga ANONYMICE at binura ko ang mga posts nila tungkol sa mga KABAKLAAN ay biglang naglaho silang lahat. Pero iyong isang sinususpetsohan ko na bumira kay Auggie ay nag-iwan ng pang-asar sa akin na binura ko naman, hhhhhhh.

Ito pala ang WARNING ko sa blog ko,




- Kapre

January 5, 2010 at 1:48 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

Pati pala English ay na- ban na sa blog mo.

Bicol, puwede siguro?

Hindi baleng hindi ka nag-da-drive, at least my driver ka naman, dalawa pa. Para kang naka-limo bawa't sakay mo. HHHHHHH.

Yung galit kay Auggie, matagal nang may galit iyon dahil ayaw yata nito ang WORLD DOMINATION ng mga komikeros.

January 5, 2010 at 1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Galit dahil sa World Domination ng mga Pinoy sa comics? WTF ? what's wrong with dreaming big? actually, dito lang tayo pwedeng lumaban ng parehas. Sa Basketball at ibang sports hindi pwede ( altho pwede sa boxing, bowling at billiards).

Itong mga gagong ito, exemplifies the microcosm of our society. Forever tayong nagbabangayan. We are not all on the same page, kaya hanggat ngayon eh mahirap pa rin ang Pinas.



January 5, 2010 at 4:12 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Bakit nga kaya galit ang ibang grupo na mag-aspire ng mataas ang mga gumagawa ng komiks.

Wala naman napeperhuwisyo dito.

Ang hirap isipin kung minsan kung ano ba talaga ang dahilan at galit ang iba.

January 5, 2010 at 8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This guy is a pathetic fool. He accuses me of offending some people in past because I'm posting it in some friends blogsite.WTF ? what offending comments? I just say it like it is. This guy is delusional, maybe he needs professional help.

But there is one solution to this. Since he is so wise & witty and full of wisdom and humor , it's about time he CREATE HIS OWN BLOGSITE , and invite us to post comments....


January 6, 2010 at 8:06 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Someone named ANONYRAT posted this message. I am publishing it here because it should be answered:

And...the social experiment continues to validate itself.

Some of the komikeros here especially JM, Auggie and Floro Dery have at one time or another made anonymous posts on other blogs making comments they didn't know would be offensive to the blog host or to other people.

Were their anonymous posts deleted? No.

To be fair, they also posted identifying themselves but still making insulting remarks insulting to other people. Did the blog host delete their posts? Again, no. Why? Well, because most of the time, they're pals with the blog host.

Now, with the tables seeming to turn against them--I think its called KARMA--they act as innocent victims.

Don't you think that's hypocrisy? hE HE. Just look at Super Kapre's site. He says he wont accept anonymous comments and yet he still has his blog entry on "Komikeros as Underground Gays" based entirely on anonymous comments. He says his blog is OFTEN visited by "kids" yet he has that disparaging and near libelous blog entry. Pardon again for stressing the point, but isn't that hypocrisy?

You guys maybe wont admit it, but you do at times tend to have double standards. You say one thing in a site and say the opposite in another. JM especially. Sorry, Monsignor. Just trying to be candid here.

So really, to sum it all up, its all plain hypocrisy. We are ALL guilty of it. We are Yin and Yang human beings. Yet, we repress this especially when Karma sets in.

Hope this could be food for thought.

P.S. Oh, and I don't care if you post this or not. I just wanted you to know this, Your Eminence.


And here's my response to you, anonyrat:

What the hell are you talking about?

I have already allowed all the anonymous comments in my blog, haven't I? And now, I am allowing this because it needs to be answered. The others I didn't because they were all disparaging remarks for Randy Valiente and Arman Francisco.

Now, where in rat's ass did you get this idea that I've posted comments as anonymous? Why would I do that when I have a name: Jose Mari Lee – and not afraid of anything, because my conscience is clear. Now you are the one having this presumption that Cool Canadian is also KC Cordero, Kapre, and Anonymous. Are you out of your kukote? Everybody visiting my blog knows who KC is, who Kapre is, and who ANONYMOUS-es are. You don't make sense, man. I posted a topic to be discussed, hoping to find some sort of conclusion to the issue at hand. Now, just because I didn't post the comments of anonymous people hurling invectives at Randy and Arman, I am now the villain in the story? The anonymous 1, 2, 3, and part 200 were the ones who threw mud at Kapre and Auggie, not me. Why is it that now, I am the one being accused of hypocrisy? That, anony-rat, doesn't make sense at all. You are trying to wash the blood from your hands, when in fact, you were the one who acted like Pontius Pilate – who is now pretending to be Jesus, and I am the one wearing Pilate's robe!

Your manipulation of the incidents are quite out of this world, my friend. Pause, take a deep breath, and examine your conscience – you might not like what you find there.

Indeed, something is rotten in Patay Titi and Queton Titi.

If this is a joke, I'm telling you that it ain't funny.

My only reaction to your senseless accusation is:
HHHHHHHHHHHH! Sabi nga ni Supremong Kapre, na hindi ko akalaing ako rin pala ito?


January 6, 2010 at 8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This guy is a pathetic fool. He accuses me of offending some people in past because I'm posting it in some friends blogsite.WTF ? what offending comments? I just say it like it is. This guy is delusional, maybe he needs professional help.

But there is one solution to this. Since he is so wise & witty and full of wisdom and humor , it's about time he CREATE HIS OWN BLOGSITE , and invite us to post comments....


January 6, 2010 at 10:24 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Well, I think that's a good idea.

However, we may not be aware of it, but anonymous could be a blogger himself/herself, but since he/she is not using his/her real name, we'd never know for sure.

Yeah, me too. I wish anonymous had quoted the passages I wrote where I ABUSED someone by saying personal things about them, because I never say personal things to anyone. I may comment on the person's work, but never their gender, sexual preference, fantasies, ad nauseam.

I just wished this particular anonymous had the consciousness to put an end to all his suppositions, preconceived ideas and "deep" analysis about me and start unraveling his own miseries and comeuppance, instead.

January 6, 2010 at 10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sabi ni Anony-RAT,

"Don't you think that's hypocrisy? hE HE. Just look at Super Kapre's site. He says he wont accept anonymous comments and yet he still has his blog entry on "Komikeros as Underground Gays" based entirely on anonymous comments. He says his blog is OFTEN visited by "kids" yet he has that disparaging and near libelous blog entry. Pardon again for stressing the point, but isn't that hypocrisy?"


Anony-RAT, tatlo ang blogs ko, ang una ay tungkol sa mga STORYA ko, ang pangalawa ay tungkol sa mga KAPRE, at ang pangatlo ay tungkol sa KOMIKS.

Walang bumibisita na mga "bata" sa una at pangalawang blogs ko pero meron mga "bata" o mga studyante ito sa high schools na gustong matuto mag-drawing sa komiks na bumibisita sa blog ko na pangatlo dahil dalawang ART TEACHERS ang humingi ng pahintulot sa akin kung puwede raw gamitin nila ang mga turo ko sa komiks duon. Kaya huwag mong baluktotin ang mga sinabi ko sa blog ko.

Ang thread ko na MGA UNDERGROUND BAKLING DAW ANG MGA KOMIKEROS sa blog ko na basado sa ideya ng isang ANONYMOUS na maaring ikaw iyon ay HINDI LIBELOUS dahil wala akong binabanggit na mga pangalan maliban kay Michelangelo na sinasabi na bakla raw ito ayon sa mga research ng mga historians.

Theorya mo ang "BAKLING ANG MGA KOMIKEROS" dahil ang mga sinabi mo tungkol dito sa blog ni JM ay pareho sa mga posts mo sa blog ko. Kaya ang theorya mong ito ay ang DISPARAGING sa mga komikeros at natatakot ka na ngayon sa kanila.

At ang mga ANONYMOUS posts mo na marami kang binanggit na mga PANGALAN at sinasabi mong mga BAKLA sila na wala kang katibayan ay ang LIBELOUS kaya binura ko iyon. Marami ka rin mga kabastosan salitang ginamit kaya binura ko rin iyon. Ginamit mo rin ang pangalan Zsa Zsa at Pablo Gomez na mga signatures mo kaya binura ko rin ito. Pati nga hhhhhhh ko ay ginagamit mo. Bakit pala alam ko kung mga posts mo iyon? Dahil IISA lang ang tema ng mga sinasabi mo.

Ginawa ko ang thread na iyon para maka-depensa ang mga komikeros sa KABUANGAN theorya mo. Binawalan ko pala ang mga anonymous posts dahil sinabi ko sa'yo na HINDI PATAS ANG LABAN dahil ang mga komikeros na sinasabi mong mga BAKLA ay LANTAD samantalang ikaw ay NAKATAGO, pati nga ako ay nag-hint ka sa akin na baka maging bakla ako.

Hindi pala ako nagpo-post ng ANONYMOUS sa iba-ibang blog, ang ginagamit kung madalas ay KAPRE at variation nito na meron kasamang hhhhhhh. Kilala ng mga komikeros kung sino si Kapre, saka makikita mo sa blog ko ang pangalan ko. Isa pa, meron stelo ang pagsulat ko na madaling matandaan.

Kagaya mo, Anony-RAT, meron kang stelo rin sa pagsulat na madaling mahalata. Kilala kita dahil meron kang MANNERISM sa pagsulat na madalas mong ginagamit kaya iyon ang pagkakamali mo bakit alam ko kung sino ka. Alam mo ba ang sinulat mo bakit nalaman ko kung sino ka?

Pinupuri mo ang mga komikeros sa harap mo kung kilala ka pero HINUHUDAS mo sa likuran kung anonymous ka. Pag nabuwisit ako sa'yo ay IBULGAR kita dito.

Binabangga ko mag-isa ang marami, pero ayaw kung pagtulong-tulongan ka ng mga komikeros dito kaya HINDI NA AKO INTERESADONG PATULAN KA.

- Kapre

January 7, 2010 at 12:12 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


I published all your comments not because they're cute and exalting to one's spirits, but I want Auggie and Kapre to have the chance to reply to you. As far as I know they really haven't said anything below the belt to any particular person (except for some abusive anonymous, which, might not even be you).

However, your resentment to most people who sign their names when they visit this blog is definitely the antithesis of diffidence, I want the people you have directed your statements at – to respond. It may be a futile attempt on my part to do this, but I really feel that Auggie and Kapre should be able to tell you exactly what they feel when you tend to cross the line that you shouldn't be crossing. You've accused me of something I didn't do, and I have already responded to that. Now, I am hoping that Auggie and Kapre will have their say as well. The only thing I ask of you is to be civil enough, or this exercise will just be for naught.

January 7, 2010 at 2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JM, dapat i-moderate mo rin yung mga OFF TOPIC messages. Yung mga wala sa hulog kung mag-comment. For example, Komiks ang usapan biglang magco-comment ng Rockband, Lugar sa Tate, at kung anu-anong kahunghangan.

Basta pag hindi nag-stick sa topic, delete! para di maligaw yung thread.

"Isa Pang Anonymous"

January 7, 2010 at 8:07 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Sa pang anonymous:

Hindi naman kasi dapat nakaukit sa bakal ang isang topic. Okay lang naman kung minsan, eh, ika nga'y magkaroon ng SUBPLOT ang usapan, na parang dugdungang nobela ni Mars Ravelo na laging pinapasukan ng subplot dahil nauuwi rin naman uli iyan sa STORY PROPER. Para sa akin, okay lang kahi't off topic. Ang importante, bumabalik rin namn ito sa talagang pinag-uusapan. Para lang tayong nagkukuwentuhan over cup of latté and biscotti. HHHHHHH.
Masyado naman yatang draconian na i-delete ang message nung participants just because his message went a little astray.

Basta ba't hindi personalan at invectives ang sinasabi, hindi talaga dapat alisin ito.

January 7, 2010 at 9:35 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

At dito naman sa message ni KARL:

Bago ko i-publish ang comment mo directed at Kapre, tatanungin ko muna si Kapre kung gusto niyang ipaskel ko ito, o hindi. Medyo tagilid kasi ang mensahe, at kung mamarapatin ni Kapre na malaman ang content ng message mo sa kanya, gusto kong siya mismo ang magbigay ng pahintulot.

Ngayon, Supremong Kapre:

Gusto mo bang ipaskel ko ang message sa iyo ng isang nagngangalang KARL? Kung ano man ang desisyon mo ay siya kong susundin. Please tell me whether it is NAY or YEA.

(Sa totoo lang, mas mabuti pa sigurong wakasan na natin itong bangayan).

Pero kung may mga gusto pa kayong linawin at "ipamukha" sa isa't-isa, (sabi nga ng isang luamang kundiman ni Larry Miranda: KUMPISAL) Sino akong tao lamang na susuway?

Hintayin natin ang sagot ni Kapre. Kung No ang sagot niya, I'm sorry, Karl, hindi ko na ipapaskel ang message mo. However, kung YES naman ang desisyon niya, eto ang REFRAIN ng kanta: SINO AKONG TAO LAMANG NA SUSUWAY? Padre, nais kong mangumpisal.


January 7, 2010 at 9:43 PM  
Blogger Dennis Villegas said...

hahahaha tawa ako ng tawa sa post mo na ito...diyan sa "putang-ina" na driver na nagturo sa yo.heheheh. you're such a good story-teller hehehehe sakit tiyan ko sayo talaga senor amigo jomari!
Happy New year na nga lang!

January 7, 2010 at 9:43 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Ay, señor Dennis, mi amigo:

Hay muchas problemas aqui en mi blog.
Demasiados carteles anónimos que intentan luchar con Kapre y Auggie.

Sana, magka-ayos na ang mga kasalukuyang na-involved sa bangayan. Napakaraming nagsusulputang anonymous at at puro out of this world ang mga mensahes.

Oo nga pala, I hope hindi ka nag-aral ng driving sa school na iyon. Dahil kung doon ka nag-train ng driving, siguradong isa kang BARUMBADONG driver ngayon.


I'm sure we'll be seeing more fantastic photos from you this new year. Take care, my friend.

January 7, 2010 at 9:51 PM  
Blogger Wordsmith said...

No question, your blog is being read by a host of people who, like me, prefer to visit informative, insightful, and entertaining sites.

Kaya lang, nakaka-turn off ang mga anonymous comments that disparage personalities like Kapre and Auggie and you. The three of you have so much to share and I enjoy reading your posts, thank you.

Sana lang, itong mga anonymous na nagtatago behind their anonymity sa panlalait sa ibang taga-komiks ay magpakilala.

(Kapre, I'll give you my email, paki-send mo nga kung sino iyon. LOL.)

As for The Topic in this blog, all I can say is that your driving instructor, JM, is a reflection why some Westerners on the road are wary when they see Asians driving on the same motorway as them. Of course, this may not be quite true nowadays since obtaining a license, specifically in the UK, Canada, NZ and Australia, is not like a walk in the park.

Sa Pilipinas, even the blind can get a driving license. There was a documentary shown years ago to prove that. May kilala rin akong may lisensiya to drive but she doesn't know how to drive.


I like the image of us, commenters with the blog host, na parang having a casual talk lang over coffee. BTW, my preference is cafe mocha, and with soft amaretti with it -- nice.

A BLESSED 2010 TO ALL, but most especially to our generous host.

January 7, 2010 at 10:31 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Thanks again for visiting.

Yung galit kina Kapre at Auggie ay dati nang may disgusto sa los dos bicolanos na parehong uragon. He-he.
Matagal nang galit ito kay Auggie dahil sa pag-suggest ni Mr. Surtida na mag-aspire ng global domination ang mga kabtaang comic book talents sa Pilipinas. Ayaw kasi ni Anonymous ng English na komiks, ayaw niya ng glossy paper ang ginagamit, newsprint lang at mura para abot kaya ng lahat. Sa bandang huli, maganda naman ang kanyang sinabi na newprint at mura para maraming mahihirap ang maka-afford. However, those who want to publish glossy stock, English, expensive comic books, wala tayong karapatang sagkaan sila.

Now, dahil sa inis niya sa mga komikeros, ay tinawag niya itong mga UNDERGROUND GAYS (pero may pasubali na HINI NAMAN LAHAT)– kaya nga binura ko ang message niya. Kahi't wala siyang binanggit na pangalan, BAD PR pa rin ang mensaheng inilagay niya. Nag-aral siguro ng LAW (or Journalism) itong si Anonymous dahil kung babasahin natin ang kanyang messages, matindi ang mga accusations, pero walang LIBELOUS content dahil hindi nagbabanggit ng pangalan at may kabuntot pang HINDI NAMAN LAHAT. However, nagiging BANGAYAN ang kinauuwian ng lahat ng usapan, stressing a lot of people, dahil na rin sa mga innuendos na walang batayan. Sa halip na makipagpalitan ng kuru-kuro at maging bahagi ng isang big, happy family, heto't BICKERING lang ang namamayani.

Oo nga ano. Masarap sigurong mag-coffe tayong lahat kasama si anonymous. Pero, I swear, hindi ko siya oorderan ng Spanish Coffee at baka malasing, eh, awayin pa si Kapre at Auggie.


January 7, 2010 at 10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


meron akong e-mail sa COMICS ILLUSTRATIONS blog ko na nasa itaas iyon, puwede mong e-mail duon ang e-mail mo.


OK lang i-post mo iyong kay Karl. Galit yata ito sa akin dahil sa komento ko sa drawing niya.

Ito ang hindi naiintendihan ng maraming komikeros, gusto lang PURIHIN ang mga dibuho nila kahit na iyon ay mga MALI, kaya tuloy sumusulong ng PAATRAS ang mga stelo nila. Pag PINUNA naman ang mga MALI ay PERSONALAN INSULTO ang igaganti sa halip na magpasalamat sila.

Ito rin ang dapat tandaan ng mga komikeros, wala akong sinasantong mga DIBUHO ng mga dibuhista, walang mga sagradong baka sa akin, pati ang mga dibuho ni Coching na nakitaan kung maraming mali ay hindi ko sinasanto.

- Kapre

January 8, 2010 at 12:06 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Okay, here's KARL's message to Kapre:

Karl said...

Super Kapre:

Bulgar. Suspetsa. Pareho mannerisms ng pananalita...hay naku. Alam 'nyo, Kapre/Flor kung me engot na nakakagaya ng mannerism ng pagsusulat ninyo mismo sa internet, hindi 'nyo pwedeng sabihin na ALAM 'nyo na kung sino ang nagpo-post dahil lang sa "mannerism" ng pagsusulat nya. SUSPETSA lang 'yan, Ingkong AT DI KAPANI-PANIWALA. Kaya, hindi ka pwedeng lantarang mambulgar o manira ng puri ng ibang tao kung hanggang dyan lang ang kaalaman 'nyo. Libel 'yan! Hindi ka pwedeng mag-condemn base lang sa akusasyon at suspetsa. Malisya 'yan at kung nasaktan ang loob ng binanggit nyong pangalan pwede kayong makulong; dadakpin kayo sa fantasyland ng mga tikbalang at ikukulong sa Crame kasama ang mga Ampatuan!

Alam mo 'yan dahil dati kang military officer ni Marcos noong panahon ng Martial Law.

Kung sa bagay ganyan din kayo sa mga revised theories nyo sa Bible di ba? Talo nyo pa nga si Wilde Almeda. Hhhhhh.

Isa pa, ang hina ng pinagsasasabi nyo na dinidipensa nyo ang mga komikeros sa pag-post nyo ng "KOMIKEROS ARE UNDERGROUND GAYS". Pag binasa nyo ang article mismo, maliwanag na dinidepnsa nyo ang anonymous Kabuangan theory. Hinahamon nyo pa ang mga komikeros na harapin ang challenge na ito. Tapos ngayon sasabihin nyong binibigyan nyo lang ang komikeros ng pagkakataon na makapagsalita sa blog 'nyo? Hhhhh. Nagtatago sa saya! Yan ang kabuangan! Ma-ngo!

Ang totoo nyan, walang komikerong magre-reply sa blog nyo ng ina-identify ang sarili niya. Bakit? Obvious naman e. Baka kasi pati siya mapag-tripan ng mga pesteng anonymous. Kaya ang solusyon, gumagamit rin ng ibang mga komikeros ng "anonymous" tagline sa pag-post sa blog nyo. Pero wala rin e. Kasi, dini-delete 'nyo basta "anonmous" ang posted message. Resulta? Hindi maka-depensa ang mga butihing komikeros. Nilalangaw ang blog nyo. Lumalabas pa na hypokrito kayo.

At kayo mismo ang nagsulat sa blog nyo na dahil sa mga "bata" ang dumadalaw sa blog nyo "sensitive" ang toic at pag-gamit ng salitang bayag, sex organ, phallus, etc. kaya na delete nyo ang anonymous post. Ayaw nyong masira ang pagka-inosente ng mga "bata". Hhhh. Tapos ngayon, sasabihin nyo ang ibig sabihin pala ng mga bata e "high school students" at "art professors". E, di ba halos nasa tamang edad na 'yan para maunawaan nila ang mga salita at topic na pinag-uusapan? Hhhhh. Baluktot talaga. Isang example ng censor at work. Asan na ngayon ang dos por dos nyo?

Maliwanag naman na kumakampi kayo sa anonymous nang i-post nyo ang article ng underground gays. Theory lang ng anonymous, pero kayo ang nagsulat ng article mismo, at me dinagdag pa kayo para lalong magmukhang legit ito. Sarcastic at pino-promote pa nga e. 'Wag nyo nang ikaila. Tapos, ngayong bumaligtad ang sitwasyon, kayo naman ngayon ang nalagay sa alanganin. Saan kayo lulugar? Hhhhhhhhh. Para kayong balimbing na lumilipat kampo kung kailan convenient. Hhhhhh.

I-delete 'nyo na kasi ang post ng "Komikeros are Underground gays" para patas ang laban.

January 7, 2010 3:24 PM

January 8, 2010 at 4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


sino ang nag-post nitong message na ito?

Anonymous said...

Hay naku. Babalik-balikan at hahanap-hanapin 'nyo rin ang anonymous. Mahirap isantabi ang natikman na't nasubukan. Di ba J.M?

He he.

-Tunay na Pinoy


Hindi ako ang nag-post nito.
May gumamit ng pangalan ko dito. Nagpost na ako ang inilagay.

Putang ina mo anonymous ka, wala akong atraso sa iyong hayup ka. Huwag mong ginagamit ang pangalan ko.


January 8, 2010 at 4:59 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Sa iyo, Tunay na Pinoy:

Hindi ba't nakakainis kung may taong gumagawa ng hindi kanais-nais sa kapuwa, lalo't wala ka namang atraso sa kanya?

Parang poetic justice yata ang nangyaring ito.

January 8, 2010 at 5:05 AM  
Blogger Wordsmith said...


"Ganda" ng pambungad ng 2010 sa blog mo.

Really LMAO!


January 8, 2010 at 6:54 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


It just shows that the Pinoy spirit is alive and kicking again after ONDOY's wrath.


January 8, 2010 at 8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Putang ina mo anonymous ka, wala akong atraso sa iyong hayup ka. Huwag mong ginagamit ang pangalan ko.


Impostor! Gago! Sinong tinakot mong tsupaero ka? Tara, upakan tayo sa Sampaloc o. Ano? ANO?

Putang ina mo, "tunay na pinoy" ka? Nag-iisa kang "tunay na pinoy"? HALIPAROT!


January 8, 2010 at 11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JM: Ano ba ang totoong first name ni "Auggie" Surtida? Agapito? Augusto? Agripino?

Ba't ayaw niya gamitin ang totoong first name niya?

Wala lang. Just wondering out loud.

January 8, 2010 at 11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


akala ko ibang Karl ito, si ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUSE o Anony-RAT pala ito. Pero itong sinasabi sa ibaba ay posted rin ito ni ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUSE o Anony-RAT sa blog ko:

"Hay naku. Babalik-balikan at hahanap-hanapin 'nyo rin ang anonymous. Mahirap isantabi ang natikman na't nasubukan. Di ba...?"

Ito ang isa rin sa mga tema niya na posted sa blog ko. Natatakot na itong si ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUSE o Anony-RAT kaya kung ano-anong LIBELOUS kuno ang pinagsasabi na hindi niya naiintendihan. Hindi niya alam na kabisado ng anak ko ang mga batas dito.


Alam kung ninerbiyos na itong si ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUSE o Anony-RAT, parang desperado na ang kanyang pinagsasabi. Pero bakit nag-tagalog ito, akala ko english lang ang gusto niya?

ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUSE o Anony-RAT, ikaw ang nagsimula mang-asar sa akin, kay Auggie at JM, sinagot ka pero akala mo kami ang may kasalanan, nagtanim ka ng HANGIN kaya natural lang na BAGYO ang iyong aanihin.

Hindi ko gusto na mabulgar ka rito, pero habang tumatagal ay lalong nabubulgar ka sa marami mong pagkakamali sa mga posts mo. Sa thread ni JM na "WHO IS THE KING OF PHILIPPINE COMIC BOOKS?" ay meron posted sa heading na PANGALAN na hindi ginagamit ang google o ibang account. PANGALAN MO BA IYONG POSTED DUON?

Ginagamit ba ng iba ang iyong pangalan o nadulas ka sa sobra mong katangahan?


- Kapre

January 8, 2010 at 12:43 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

I believe it's Augusto. But, is this important? Most people know who Auggie is and that's enough for them.

we're getting rather persnickity, huh?

January 8, 2010 at 5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hhhh. Iwas pusoy si Kapre o. Hhhh.

January 9, 2010 at 8:08 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Vince has left a message that is quite enlightening, so I will post that message here once again.


Salamat naman at may sumasang-ayon. Napaka-tragic talaga.

May nakikita ka nang maraming matatandang beterano, walang trabaho ngayon. Inaatake sa puso na walang pambayad sa ospital. Me mga sakit o gutom, di alam kung saan kukuha ng pera. Dating mga bestselling writer at artist, naghihingalo ngayon at walang maipakain sa pamilya kaya nagtitiyaga sa webkomiks at mga Tagalog tabloid na kakapirangot ang kita. Dati, tiba-tiba sila sa datung pero ngayon.... Kung me mga SSS, Pag-Ibig o Medicare contributions lang sila nun, pwede silang makapag-apply ng loan kahit kelan. Pero hindi e. Walang foresight.

Tapos me mga kabataan din, ganun ang isip. Kung saan-saan ginagasta ang pera habang malakas pa sila: sa comics, video games, pasyal, sine, inuman, mga leisure items...grabe. Hindi man lang mag-ipon at halimbawa mag-invest sa real estate at ipa-upa para mabayaran ang unpaid balance at mag-charge ng extra para me kita. Pwede gawin ito kung ayaw naman nila ng insurance. O dili kaya, mag-online forex trading sila ng di umaalis sa loob ng kulungan nila sa studio o apartment.

Talagang out of touch with reality ang karamihan sa kanila. Nakaka-awa.

Tapos kung sino-sino pa sa internet ang di rin nag-iisp at nagpapapasok sa kanila ng mga impractical at malabong mga pananaw, teorya at adhikain. E hindi naman critically trained ang isipan ng marami sa kanila. Kaya tuloy, lalo lang nasasarado ang mundo nila. Huwag sanang magalit pero marami sa kanila ang mga idealist, romanticist, at matampuhin hawig pa ang isipan ng ilang mga comics enthusiast at nagmamagaling na collector.

J.M., tama ka na ituloy ang hikayat sa kanila na pangalagaan ng mabuti ang pisikal nilang kalusugan. Sana maidagdag naman dito ang kanilang sikolohikal at pinansyal na kalagayan. Lalong-lalo na sa mga bata at may lakas pa. Hindi mainam na ipagpalit ang propesyonal "psychiatric" at "medical" help para sa libreng sermon at "pananampalataya" ng simbahan o ng sinumang nagmamagaling na "evangelist".

Ang buhay ay di lang nakabalot sa mundo ng sining at daydreaming. Not everything in life is free, ika nga.

Siguro, bago nila gayahin ang kontrabida ni Austin Powers na si Dr. Evil at mag-pantasya ng "global domination", maigi siguro na i-dominate muna nila ang kanilang mga sarili. Mag-ipon at mag-invest sana sila sa mga health, finance at self-improvement seminar (o psychiatric therapy session) man lang, para may dagdag kaalaman sila sa mundo ng mga normal at "non-artistic" na tao. Serious po tayo dito. Huwag sanang isiping pang-iinsulto ito o anuman. Di lang isa kundi marami na ang nakakahalata dito. Marami. Sana mamulat na ang mata ng mga dapat mamulat.

Sana pagpasok nitong 2010 ay umangat-kahit konti-ang buhay nila.

Salamat sa pagkakataon.

January 9, 2010 at 2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ang sinabi ko sa huling post ko ay hindi yata maintendihan ng kinauukulan dahil medyo paliko iyon ng kaunti kaya sabihin ko na ng diretso ng kaunti, kaunti lang, para maintendihan rin ng kaunti. Ika nga, UNTI-UNTI kung ibabagsak ang maso, hhhhhhh, higante ang masong ito.

Sa thread ni JM sa WHO IS THE KING OF PHILIPPINE COMIC BOOKS? ay may isang A. CORDERO na sinabi nito na CRYBABY raw si Auggie. Ang tono ng salita nito ay parang inis kay Auggie at JM.

Ang kaagad na sumunod sa post ni A. CORDERO ay ang post ng isang ANONYMOUS na sinabi naman nito na CRYBABY rin si Auggie. Ang tono naman ng salita nito ay parang dinuduro na si Auggie at Kapre.

Nadulas ba ang gamit ng pangalan A.CORDERO o ginamit lang ito ng iba? O si A. CORDERO ba at ANONYMOUS ay iisang tao lang? At coincidence ba ang parehong paggamit nila ng salitang CRYBABY na patungkol pareho kay Auggie? Posible ang sagot sa mga tanong na ito. Pero ito ang simula ng SUSPETSA ng mga komikeros na mahirap na burahin sa kanilang pag-iisip.

Para mawala ang mga suspetsa ng mga komikeros ay dapat ipaliwanag ng kinauukulan na si A. CORDERO ang situwasyon na kinalalagyan niya ngayon.

NAGHIHINTAY KAMI NG PALIWANAG KUNG SINO KA A. CORDERO, o ikaw rin ba si ANONYMOUS na ininsulto ang mga komikeros dito? Naghihintay sina Auggie, Kapre, JM, Wordsmith, Randy at Arman ng paliwanag mo.

- Kapre

January 9, 2010 at 2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Si VINCE, ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUSE, Anony-RAT at maaring si A. CORDERO rin ito ay iisa lang tao ito, galit ito kay Auggie at kay Kapre. Itong "psychiatric therapy session" ay ang paulit-ulit na sinabi niya sa mga posts niya sa blog ko.

Luko-luko rin itong si VINCE, kunwari nagmamalasakit sa mga komikeros pero pinag-iinsulto at tinatawag pa na mga underground bakla ang mga komikeros. Siguro ay dapat hatawin ito ng dos-por-dos para tumino, hhhhhhh.

Ang mga pinagsasabi mo ay matagal ng alam ng mga komikeros pero hindi nila gagawin iyon dahil sa ugali ng mga pilipino na BAHALA NA, impractical ang suggestion mo sa kasalukuyan systema at mga utak ng mga pilipino.

Ang kailangan sa mga pilipino ay DISIPLINA na kasabay ang hataw sa kanila ng DOS-POR-DOS para tumino. Gayahin ang gobyerno ni Mao nuon na pinagpila-pila ang mga tarantado at nirapido sila, di tumino ang mga intsik at asensado sila ngayon.


- Kapre

January 9, 2010 at 3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay Naku. Hhhhh. Nasabi niyang di na siya papatol, pero heto...Hhhhh...pumapatol pa! Hhhhh. Ang tindi talaga ng trauma! Hhhhhh. :D

January 9, 2010 at 6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Ang kailangan sa mga pilipino ay DISIPLINA na kasabay ang hataw sa kanila ng DOS-POR-DOS para tumino. Gayahin ang gobyerno ni Mao nuon na pinagpila-pila ang mga tarantado at nirapido sila, di tumino ang mga intsik at asensado sila ngayon."

Binabaluktot at inio-oversimplify ninyo ang history.

Nagsimula ang progreso ni China kay DENG XIAOPING hindi kay Mao. Dahil kay MAO at ang kanyang diktaduryang plano na i-concentrate ang lahat ng resources ng China sa paggawa ng bakal at isantabi ang food at agriculture, nagkaroon tuloy ng widespread famine ang China noong 1950s. Maraming tao ang namatay sa gutom at maraming mga dissidents ang pinagpapapatay. Inilihim pa ito sa Western world at ngayon lang nai-uungkat.

Pagkamatay ni Mao, mahirap pa rin ang China at kinondena ang kanyang asawa na kasama ng Gang of Four.

Pagkatapos nito ay pumasok na nga si DENG XIAOPING at ang kanyang policy na one step forward, two steps backward para makapasok ang free market at industrialisasyon s China noong mid to late 1980s. Matinding kritisismo at banta sa buhay ang hinarap ni DENG, pero sa pagpupursigi niya at ng kanyang mga kaalyado, ay natamo paunti-unti ang pag-unlad at paglimot ng mga Chinese sa makaluma, mala-barbaro na sosyalismo-komunismo ni Mao. Ang resulta, ang kasalukuyang karangyaang nararanasan sa China.

Kapre, sana konting honesty naman sa sinasabi ninyo. Unfair sa mga nagbabasa ditong artist lang na walang alam sa history.

January 9, 2010 at 7:22 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Like any other leadership, palaging may mga kamalian. Masasabi mo bang ang pagpigil ni Deng Xiaoping na TIG-IISANG ANAK LAMANG sa bawa't pamilya sa China noong 1980s ay matatawag nating two steps backward lamang, o mahigit pa? Batid nating lahat na ito'y nagwasak sa paningin ng mga Chino ng ito'y ipatupad. Kayraming mga anak na babae ang ini-abort, dahil ang kanilang paniniwla ay nasa anak na lalaki ang laging pag-asa, at ang mga babae ay liability lamang. About 36% of China's population is currently subject to the one-child restriction. Hindi ba't maari din nating sabihin, na ang tagumpay na inaani ngayon ng China ay nalalambungan pa rin ng ulap dahil sa mga policies nito noong 1980s? Hindi ba't kung magkaminsan ay maiisip natin, na kung nagtagumpay noon ang rebellion sa Tiananmen square, baka natapos na rin ang komunismo sa China, at sana'y wala nang sasagka sa Falun Gong (beliefs and practices founded in China by Li Hongzhi in 1992), na kung tutuusin ay hindi naman talaga threat ito sa gobiyerno. Masasabi rin natin na hanggang sa pangunguna ni Deng Xiaoping ay may mga bakas pa rin ito ng pagiging Barbar ni Mao.

January 9, 2010 at 7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vince, sabi mo

"Kapre, sana konting honesty naman sa sinasabi ninyo. Unfair sa mga nagbabasa ditong artist lang na walang alam sa history."

Vince, ikaw ang NAGDUNONG-DUNONGAN na MANGMANG o IGNORAMUS sa history ng China, ginagawa mo pang mga TANGA ang mga artists dito.

Pinagrarapido ni Mao ang mga tarantadong mga intsik at ang natira ay nadiciplina niya ito ayon sa patakaran at ideya ng komunismo na hanggan ngayon ay umiiral pa rin sa China. Ang Gobyerno ng China ay dictatorial communism pa rin na ang UGAT ay galing sa mga ideya ni Mao.

Hindi mo alam ang mga nakaraan na pag-diciplina at reeducation sa mga intsik, ang nakikita mo lang ay ang mga resulta ng diciplina sa kanila sa kasalukuyan.

Para maintendihan mo ito, ay ito ang ehemplo. Kailangan diciplinahin mo palagi ang barumbadong anak mo at kung kinakailangan ay hatawin mo ito ng dos-por-dos para paglaki nito ay tumino at umasenso. Hindi aasenso kaagad ito, panahon ang kailangan niya. Ganito ang nangyari sa China, hinataw ni Mao ng dos-por-dos ang mga intsik, naging mga diciplinado ito sa takot dahil kung hindi ay tiyak na pagbabarilin uli sila na kagaya sa nangyari sa Tienanmen Square. Umasenso sila paglipas ng panahon hanggan ngayon.

Alam mo rin ba ang history ng Hapon? Mas grabe ang ginawa ng shugonate sa Japan, hindi lang hataw dos-por-dos ang inabot nila, hataw kadenang bakal ang pinanghahampas sa mga hapon kaya nadiciplina rin sila, lumipas rin ang mga taon at ngayon ay mga asensado na rin sila.

Kagaya mo, Vince, IGNORANTE ka sa history, undiciplinado ka, at kung ano-anong mga kabalbalan at impractical na mga ideya ang pinagsasabi mo na hindi ayon sa takbo ng mga utak ng mga pilipino at taliwas sa patakaran ng bulok na systema ng goyerno nito. Papasukan mo pa ng "psychiatric therapy session," ano ang akala mo sa mga pilipino mga buang? Hindi mo kayang madiciplina ang mga buang.

Ang kailangan sa'yo, Vince, ay hatawin ka rin ng dos-por-dos na bakal sa tuktok mo para matauhan ka at madiciplina ka rin. Hindi ka lang, pati ang mga undiciplinadong mga pilipino ay paghahatawin rin ng dos-por-dos na bakal. Kung nadiciplina ka na at ang mga pilipino ay paglipas ng panahon ay aasenso na rin ang Pilipinas.

Hala, balik ka uli sa elementary at mag-aral ka uli ng history para mawala ang pagka-IGNORAMUS o pagka-IGNORANTE mo dito, nagkakalat ka lang dito. Pag mainis pa ako sa'yo ay baka ako pa mismo ang hahataw ng dos-por-dos na bakal sa'yo na kasabay ang tadyak para madiciplina ka. Luko-luko ka, ikaw yata ang nangangailangan ng "psychiatric therapy session," di nabuko ka tuloy.

Saka na kita patulan uli kung hindi ka na IGNORAMUS o IGNORANTE sa history.

- Kapre

January 9, 2010 at 9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. Una, hindi ako itong "Vince". Second, ke Cool Canadian, ang isyu dito ay ang "thesis" kuno ni Kapri na ang mala-barbarong policy ni Mao daw ang dahilan ng pagasenso ng China. HINDI ang mga incidental "flaws" ng mga political leader. Tangential at di resolutory ang comment 'nyo. Pangatlo naman Kapre, heto ang sinasabi mo, ang isyu pagka-asensado ng China. Hindi mo sinabi kung anong klaseng asenso ito pero maliwanag naman, pagnagbabasa ka ng dyaryo at balita, na ang asenso ng China ay sa EKONOMIYA. At iyon ang tinalakay ko sa sagot ko pagkat maliwanag na may problema pa rin sa China sa aspetong political at social na kontrolado pa rin ng Communist Party. DITO ay wala pa ring asenso.

O, naisagot natin na kaya umasenso ang China sa ekonomiya ay dahil sa isinantabi nila ang sosyalismo-komunismo at ipinasok ang FREE MARKET noong panahon ni DENG XIAOPING at di kay MAO. Hayun, lumago ang ekonomiya ng may MINIMAL state intervention.

Ngayon, sa political at social life naman ng mga Tsino, na maliwanag na may STATE CONTROL pa rin, opinyon ni JM walang asenso. Pero IKAW, parang ang tingin mo OK lang ito. Para sa 'yo, ASENSO ito? Hindi a. Ito ang pananaw mo? Gusto mo me ibang tao na kumokontrol sa buhay mo 24-7 pwera lang sa aspeto ng pang-ekonomiya? Kahit sinong tao ayaw nito.

Actually, marami nang mga Chinese ngayon ang may gusto na ng political at social freedom ngayong nakaranas na sila ng asensong pang-ekonomiya dulot ng FREE MARKET. Binigyan pa nga nila ng karangalan si Deng Xiaoping dito at karamihan sa Communist Party ay di na halos naniniwala na sa Maoist Socialism. Pang seremonya na lamang ito. Nandun na lang sila para makakapit sa poder ng kapangyarihan pero bilang na ang araw nila.

Nakaka-gulat na meron pang mga tulad 'nyo na kumakapit sa mga konsepto ng diktadurya.

Bakit, umasenso ba ang Pilipinas noong panahon ni Marcos mula 1965 hanggang 1986 tulad ng China ngayon? Noong panahon ng diktaturang Marcos ang tawag sa social and political philosophy niya ay: EGALITARIAN SOCIALISM. Walang individual freedom. Lahat halos dapat kontrolado lang ng iilan. Anong nangyari? Umasenso ba ekonomiya? Di ba hindi? Gumanda ba poltical at social life natin? Di ba hindi?

Kung me barambado pa ring Pilipino ito ay dulot ng korupsyon at di pag-respeto sa karapatang indibidwal ng estado at ng iilang kumokontrol nito. TULAD NINYO di ba? Hhhh.

January 10, 2010 at 12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe. Mukhang ok usapan a. Pwede ba sumali sa gulo? Hehe.

Kapre: "Ang kailangan sa mga pilipino ay DISIPLINA na kasabay ang hataw sa kanila ng DOS-POR-DOS para tumino. Gayahin ang gobyerno ni Mao nuon na pinagpila-pila ang mga tarantado at nirapido sila, di tumino ang mga intsik at asensado sila ngayon."

Question to Kapre: Ang North Korea at Cambodia, ginagawa ngayon ang sinasabi 'nyo. Pinagpipila at nirarapido ang tingin nila ay "tarantado". Tingin 'nyo ba me asensong nangyayari doon at dapat ganyan din ang gawin ngayon sa Pilipinas?


January 10, 2010 at 12:29 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Yep. Communist China is still a failure when it comes to civil rights. Not only that, it is also bullying Taiwan and Tibet.

But, you know what? I can only blame the western nations, i.e., the north American free trade group (Mexico, USA and Canada) for giving all the manufacturing jobs to China for cheap labor. My belief is that the whole scenario is now getting out of hand. Everything we buy here in the western world is made from China!

AND THE QUALITY IS SOOOOOO BAD, I always try not to buy anything made from that country.

Imagine. You go to a shopping mall to buy a pair of shoes. I made sure I checked where they are made from. China. China. China. I would get out of the store, go to the next. After walking for 2 hours and I still don't see anything made NOT IN CHINA, I would end up going to an Italian, French, or even English Boutiques and apparel stores, and even there, I always make sure to look at the labels, because half of the products reveal the ugly head of China. Nowadays, you have to pay 4-times the price of anything made in Canada, USA, England, Italy, France, Switzerland, but it's definitely worth it. Good quality, good material, no nonsense design.

But, the so-called DOLLAR STORES are proliferating everywhere, they make me sick! The products they sell there are so inferior, ALL MADE IN F...... CHINA, I won't even touch it with a ten-foot pole. And now, people are trying to stay away from China exported food because that Melamine scandal was just unacceptable.

If this country got away poisoning a lot of people allover the world, I wonder what else they can do to harm us.

January 10, 2010 at 12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ako uli. D' Anony-Moose! Hehe. May na-realize pala ako.

Kapre: Di ba pwede namang umasenso ang isang bansa kung may kalayaan? Di ba dahil diyan umasenso ang Hong Kong, U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand at South Korea?

Ang Iran ba at Iraq na malaganap ang pagrarapido ng mga tarantado, e umaasenso? Hindi, di ba? Gusto 'nyo ba ng ganyang bansa?


January 10, 2010 at 12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I can only blame the western nations, i.e., the north American free trade group (Mexico, USA and Canada) for giving all the manufacturing jobs to China for cheap labor. My belief is that the whole scenario is now getting out of hand. Everything we buy here in the western world is made from China!"

Not everthing is permanent. Even Japan passed through this stage. Remember when in the late 50s to 60s when you encountered cheap, inferior electronics products made in Japan? Look at where Japan is now. Look where American electronics products are now-you can't find any. No more Zenith. No more Radiowealth.

Besides, you still have your choice NOT to buy chinese products. Imagine living in a country run by one or a few tyrants where your choices are almost non-existent.

January 10, 2010 at 4:23 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

The case of Japan in the 1950s and the 60s was actually not the same as in the case of China these days. The Japan incident was a case of a country striving to showcase their products in Asia. True, the other Asian nations where Japan dumped their products were all laughing at them, but it was a case of take it or leave it scenario. This China case is horrendous. The western nations have the approval of exporting the manufacturing of products FOR their country. This is what is so bad about this scenario. We used to have tons of choices of products from allover the world. Before, if you want to buy the best product from the country who makes the best item, you can get it in a wink of an eye. Nowadays, you have to look everywhere and you're lucky if you find it at all. And you better take a closer look where it is made from. Many north American and European products are now also made in China.

Let's just talk about inodoro. When I was renovating my house, I specifically told the contractor to make sure that he bathrooms are all Italian made. Specially the inodoro. Guess what. They put Eurovit toilets, a very good Italian brand. The hardware is specifically German, Kohler. When the bathrooms where done they all look stunning. But, the moment you use it, the beautiful toilet bowl doesn't even work right. I asked them to remove one to see what's wrong. IT WAS MADE IN CHINA!
Even Eurovit are now made in China. That was a rude awakening! I had to look everywhere to find TOTO to replace the goddamned toilets. I found some that were still made in Germany and they worked beautifully. But try using made in China toilet bowl and you'd end up hitting it with Kapre's dos por dos. They just don'r work properly. HHHHHHHH.

No, the magnitude of this China invasion in our lives here on earth is just unacceptable.

January 10, 2010 at 1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a point that there are more defective Chinese consumer goods than there were Japanese ones when both started out. But consider that China is a bigger country capable of such massive output than Japan. So the difference you cite is not really that relevant. Even these first world companies are economically challenged nowadays. What would you have them do? Still make the products themselves and pay their countrymen huge labor costs at the expense of lost profit and possible closure? What is the necessary evil? And am sure that the situation is being corrected. China will not content itself with just exporting consumer products. In the long run this will change.

The prognosis actually is that in the next few years, China will not only be a manufacturer/exporter but THE market itself eclipsing the U.S.

Expect in the near future all of us learning Mandarin and Chinese culture instead of U.S. English and culture. Most of our products and services will be redirected to China. The few Chinese or Filipino-Chinese businessmen now controlling the Philippine economy, i.e., Sy, Tan, Gokongwei, Go, etc., are aware of this and they are laying the groundwork now.

You say Filipino pop culture right now is dead and replaced by American pop culture? Not for long. This will soon be replaced by Chinese and other asian pop cultures. Anything Chinese will soon be the new norm and status symbol. Not American. Not Filipino. Chinese. Mark those words.

January 10, 2010 at 2:20 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

The world to learn Mandarin?

Well, actually, what's happening right now is: the Chinese and the Koreans are learning English. They come here in droves to learn English.


Because China wants to keep the jobs that north Americans are giving them. Remember now that 90% of manufacturing jobs in China is owned by North America. These products are Chinese made, but owned by multinational, specifically USA, Canada and UK. The owners of these companies are now trying to impose their say into the quality of the products that the Chinese are manufacturing. At least 10 rounds of revisions are done to make the products good. But, here's the rub. For samplers, the Chinese will make it very good. Once the product has been approved by the multinational companies, here comes the SHORTCUTS that China is well-known for. The Chinese will cut all corners, resulting in products shipped here with very inferior quality. A very good example is the BAMBOO FLOORING made in China. They would send their finished product with very poor quality, not even close to what was sampled before.

This is how the bamboo laminate flooring from China became the less favorite products in home building here. They may be very cheap (99¢ per square foot), but it's not worth it. They are very thin, and they break easily. Therefore, when a German and Canadian company decided to use bamboo using excellent technology, the result is awesome. Bamboo has a very beautiful grain and this characteristic was enhanced with an excellent process of making them into laminate flooring. At $5 per square foot, I won't blink my eye and surely go for the more expensive one. These ones look even better than oak, it's unbelieveably gorgeous and much durable because bamboo lasts for many, many years.

If China would only stop the shortcuts, its products might become excellent. However, they are shortchanging their workers as well, thus, the contractors are the ones raking in the big moolah, and the poor workers are paid peanuts. Unless China will own 90% of the companies and the west 10%, there might be a need for the west to learn Mandarin. Unfortunately, one example we can cite here is: Japan and China are still reliant on Canada when it comes to oil and wood. Most Houses in Japan and China are built using wood imported from Canada.

Therefore, China will only succeed to be the main power if it first clean up its act.

January 10, 2010 at 6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ang punto ko lang ay sa EKONOMIYA! Dito na lang ay malawak na itong tatalakayin, papasukan pa ninyo ng iba ay sabog ang utak ninyo sa iba't-ibang direksiyon.

Bakit walang nangyari sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas nuong panahon ni Marcos? Bakit walang nangyari rin sa Cambodia nuong panahon ni Pol Pot, at bakit walang mangyayari rin sa Iran, Iraq at North Korea sa kanilang mga ekonomiya?


Kaya para umasenso ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas ang unang ibawal at paghahatawin ng dos-por-dos ay ang mga ANONYMICE, mga duwag ito na nagtatago sa dilim na parang mga drug pushers, smugglers, mga kurakot na nagtatago sa likod ng batas, at marami pang iba. Paano aasenso ang Pilipinas kung ang nagpapatakbo ay puro mga TARANTADONG NAKATAGO NA KAGAYA NG MGA ANONYMICE?

Ang pangalawang gawin ay pagpila-pilahin nakatali sa isa't-isa ang politikong mga tarantado, ganib na mga negosyante, ang mga anonymice na nagtatago sa dilim, lahat ng mga tarantado at iba pang mga barumbado at itapon sila sa gitna ng Pacific ocean. Kung baga sa bahay ay linisin ito o alisin ang mga basurang tao na kagaya ng ginawa ni Mao sa China. Pustahan tayo, titino ang Pilipinas at aasenso pa ito kung BURAHIN ang mga salbahe, ganib at kurakot na mga BARUMBADO.

Pero bakit ayaw ng mga ANONYMICE na alisin ang mga BARUMBADO sa Pilipinas? Dahil nga ang mga ANONYMICE na ito ay mga BARUMBADO rin na pati sa blog na ito ay BINABARUMBADO nila ang LANTAD na mga posters dito. Isa pa, ang mga duwag at patagong mga ANONYMICE na ito ay mga kagaya sila ng mga patagong mga BARUMBADONG binanggit ko sa itaas. Natural na hindi payag ang mga ANONYMICE na BURAHIN na kasama sila.

Ang totoo, kayong mga ANONYMICE ay parang mga BURADO na, KNOWN kayo pero ginagawa na ninyo ang mga sarili ninyo na ANONYMOUS, parang wala kayong EXISTENCE, HHHHHHH. Kagaya nga ng sabi ni Vince na kailangan ninyo ng "psychiatric therapy session," HHHHHHH.

- Kapre

January 10, 2010 at 9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! hebigat na ang usapan dito! Political Economy na ang pinaguusapan ng mga Henyong Anonymice. Dahil sa mahina ang kukote ko, siguro magtatanong na lang ako sa mga madudunong na ito. Mas mainam ito kesa mga topic ng komikero , world domination, at iba-iba pang nonsense.
Eto ang mga tanong, TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, na lang.

I. Tama ba teoriya ni Karl Marx? kung tama bakit Cuba at North Vietnam na lang ang natitirang disipulos niya?
2. Totoo bang nag -bubuhay burgis si Chairman JoeMa, a.k.a armando Liwanag sa Netherlands?
3. Bakit todo-todo ang suporta ng maka-kaliwang columnist na si Conrad de Quiroz, sa kandidatura ni Noynoy Aquino, ano ang kaniyang agenda?
4.Bakit sumama si Satur Ocampo at Liza Maza, sa partido ng anak ng diktador, ki Bong-Bong Marcos? United Front?
5. Bakit puro banditry/extortion na lang ang main activity ng CPP/NPA dito sa atin?

Ikabod ng Dagalandia

January 10, 2010 at 11:37 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Ikabod ng Dagalandia. HHHHHH.
Natatawa naman ako sa pangalan mo't apelyido. Very amusing.

Pero very thought-provoking ang mga tanong mo. Hintayin nating sumagot ang mga cast of characters dito. Dapat ngang mapag-usapan ang mga bagay na ito para makapamili sila ng dapat nilang iluklok sa Malacañang Palace.

O, hala, ANO (nymous, mice, bu-RAT, at kung anu-ano pang mga dagang costa at casta riyan) magsipag sagot na kayo dahil last day na itong topic natin at papalitan ko na para lahat tayo'y ma-refresh nang kaunti, hane?

Thank you for these thoguht provoking topics, Ikabod ng Daga-landia.


January 10, 2010 at 11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOOpps mi typo error. Hindi North Vietnam, kundi North Korea pala. Sorry po....

Ikabod of Dagalandia

January 11, 2010 at 5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JM, the Chinese learning English right now is not pivotal. What is sure is that CHINA will be the next market replacing the U.S. You want to export? Export to China. You want to sell your product? Sell to China. You're a musician and you want to make money performing? China.

Ok. Assuming in the next few years, Some Chinese will learn a few English, this will not deter the fact that by then they are now THE market for global goods and services. English has never been a barrier. Look at the financial market of Japan and Hong Kong. They don't use English but Japanese and Chinese in their transactions.

Right now, the few Fil-Chi TAIPANS controlling the Philippine economy are laying the groundwork where our economy will be dependent on China, replacing the U.S. and Japan, our two biggest trading partners right now.

If you think that's economic freedom and independence, we sure have a long way to go.

January 11, 2010 at 6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I. Tama ba teoriya ni Karl Marx? kung tama bakit Cuba at North Vietnam na lang ang natitirang disipulos niya?

Answer: Oo. Me tama nga ang teoriya ni Marx. Basahin mo ang mga libertarian works nina Ludwig Von Mises, Otto Bohm-Bawerk, Friedrich Von Hayek at Henry Hazlitt, para malaman mo, kaibigan, kung bakit mali at palpak si Marx. Sa youtube pwede mo ring i-research si Milton Friedman para maipaliwanag sa iyo ng husto kung ano ang "free market" at libertarian philosophy.

Cuba at North Korea: So what kung socialist-communist countries pa sila? Umuunlad ba naman ang mga bansa na yan? Umaasenso ba ekonomiya nila? Malaya ba ang mga tao diyan na gawin ang gusto nilang gawin? Hindi, di ba?

Si Michael Moore lang naman ang namimilosopo na ok daw ang Cuba dahil "universal" kuno ang healthcare doon. Ang di niya sinasabi, libre at universal nga ang healthcare, pero ang ibang aspeto naman ng pamumuhay at ekonomiya nila ay bagsak tulad ng construction, mining, agriculture, science and technology, etc. Kontroloda kasi ng iilan ang ekonomiya ng Cuba at North Korea. Walang kalayaan ang indibidwal na butihin ang sarili niya sa pamamagitan ng patas, maayos at malayang kompetisyon.

2. Totoo bang nag -bubuhay burgis si Chairman JoeMa, a.k.a armando Liwanag sa Netherlands?

Answer: Di ba obvious? Siyempre, ang sagot diyan Oo. Dati nang intellectual burgis sina Joma at ang asawa niya. Nanonood ka naman siguro ng mga balita sa CNN at BBC di ba? Nakikita mo naman siguro kung gaano ka-subsidized buhay ni Joma sa Netherlands. Ang suot niya, ang kinakain niya, etc. Naghihirap ba siya? Hindi, di ba?

Side story: Naalala ko noong dumalaw yang si Joma sa UST noong 1982, kali-lift lang ng martial law. Kasama wife niya si Julie. Alam mo kung paano nagsimula ang program? Nagbayang magiliw muna at gulat ako nang makita ko si Joma, isang Maoist, na kumakanta ng burgis na "Bayang Magiliw". hE HE. Tapos ang binibida niyang political system ay hindi raw communism kasi malayong "ideal" daw ito. Sabi niya ang dapat sa Pilipinas e: "centralized democracy" kung saan me kokonting tao ang kokontrol sa pamumuhay ng bawat isa para matiyak na "we all live within our means" ika nga. Hhhhh. E di Communist Party na rin yan. Hhhhh.

3. Bakit todo-todo ang suporta ng maka-kaliwang columnist na si Conrad de Quiroz, sa kandidatura ni Noynoy Aquino, ano ang kaniyang agenda?

Answer: Malay ko sa tarantadong 'yan.

4.Bakit sumama si Satur Ocampo at Liza Maza, sa partido ng anak ng diktador, ki Bong-Bong Marcos? United Front?

Answer: Mga hypocrito na kasi sila. Next question.

5. Bakit puro banditry/extortion na lang ang main activity ng CPP/NPA dito sa atin?

Answer: Kasi di ka yuma-yaman sa socialist/communist thought. Hanggang drama na lang ng class struggle pero hanggang dun lang. Pag natapos ang class struggle, what next? Paano mo ibubuhay sarili mo ng walang private property? Ang pamumuhay at kilos mo binabantayan at kontrolado ng isang "centralized democracy" o "egalitarian socialist government" ni Marcos. Siyempre, ang sagot diyan, negative. RESULTA: ang pagiging bandido at kidnapper ng mga CPP-NDF atbp.

Si Corpuz at si Balweg, mga dating NDF ay me mga private business enterprises na ngayon base sa agriculture at livestock. Gayon din si Satur. Hhhhh. Kakaloko no?

January 11, 2010 at 6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a concocted cock and bull story. There is no such driving teacher as rude and crass as described here by J.M. Otherwise they would have been reported earlier and prevented from teaching.

-- Michael Schumacher

January 13, 2010 at 6:46 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


I wish it were. And I wish I had reported him to the school. But, if the school hired him and let him teach while his breath is smelling of alcohol, what does it tell you? The school is as guilty as the teacher.

You're right. Some things that are happening in RP would really sound as if they're indeed cock and bull or even tongue in cheek, like: when a driver accidentally hits a pedestrian, the public BEAT UP the driver.

For someone not familiar with this stupidity, he will also call this story cock and bull.

I wish there were video cameras in those days and I could have recorded this incident and I would have gladly post it in Youtube for the whole world to see this cock and bull story.

January 13, 2010 at 10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if you say so J.M. Come to think of it you may be right. I recall some years back in the early 1990s a news report where then Senator Heherson Alvarez' son (with girlfriend) met a road accident in Quezon Memorial Circle in the middle of the night.

The son I think was trying to avoid hitting a pedestrian but instead rammed against a nearby tree or edifice. Well-lit lamposts were unheard of then.

Anyway, onlookers nearby who saw the accident rushed toward the son's damaged vehicle and guess what? Instead of helping out the son and the girlfriend, these onlookers proceeded to loot the vehicle and the injured inside.

The son, who surprisingly spoke English and with a remarkable American accent, cried repeatedly in Tagalog: "Sandali lang! Sandali lang! Anak ako ni Senator Alvarez!"

Fortunately, thank god for the gullibility of these lowlifes who believe anything on mere say-so, halted. Police and the media were radioed and the son was interviewed who told this story live on television.

By the way he talked, the son was apparently educated or cultured in the United States by his predominant use of American English. And you could see how much of a culture shock he encountered that night just by the wide-eyed expression on his boyish face.

Sidenote: Sen. Alvarez is the husband of Cecilia Guidote, another 2009 National Artist awardee.

--Michael Schumacher

January 20, 2010 at 4:46 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

The worst is the mob mentality in RP where the driver who hits a pedestrian is always attacked by the witnesses on the road.

This road rage has got to stop. The law should punish this heinous act. Bong Revilla should realize this and pay attention to this awful reality and stop snooping on Hayden Kho's sexual exploits and Katrina Halinghing's stupidity of filing a complaint after being a willing participant in a sexual encounter.

January 20, 2010 at 9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bong Revilla. Filipino voters sure have class and sophistication, don't they? Bong Revilla....

You know how he opened the Senate Investigation on the Hayden Kho sex scandal? You know what his first words were after Hayden Kho and Kristina Halili faced off at opposite ends?

Bong Revilla: (after quietly glancing first from Hayden and then to Katrina and then back to Hayden again) Hayden....(intentionally lets dramatic seconds go by then..) ngayong naririto ka na...ano ang nararamdaman mo?

WTF. The guy gets maligned in media initiated by Bong Revilla, he gets doused by water in public, Dra. Belo is abroad and can't be reached, he stupidly admits that he's the guy on the video despite the fact that its blurred and dark, his life is an obvious mess, and here comes Revilla trying to be deep and thought-provoking--"Ano na ang nararamdaman mo?"

Ha ha ha.

January 21, 2010 at 6:20 AM  

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