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It was a mildly cold night in December, a week before Christmas, in the early 1970s. A ferry was smooth sailing along Cabra Island in Lubang, an island between Batangas and Mindoro.

This is Cabra Island in Lubang, an island in-between Batangas and Mindoro.

As usual, the vessel was filled to overflowing with passengers. Most of them were housemaids who were going home to the Visayas to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. Blasting from the ferry’s loudspeaker was Eddie Peregrina’s recording of the song What Am I Living For? Many passengers were enjoying the song, some were even singing in desafinado voices, almost in chorus, following the song.

Instantly, a bright light suddenly appeared from the sky and it shined down below, illuminating the bushes, the boulders and the trees of Cabra Island.

Cabra Island in Lubang, in between Batangas and Mindoro

A few days ago, before this ferry trip, several allegedly visionary Filipino children have claimed to have seen the Holy Virgin who had spoken with them. The publicity of the incident was still fresh in the passengers’ minds. And now, here was this bright light illuminating Cabra Island. Could this be part and parcel of the miracle?

I wasn’t a passenger in this ferry, but since my relatives owned Rodrigueza Shipping, they would be able to tell me what really happened that night. Since they were not passengers either, they referred me to the ferry’s purser, who, in turn, have told me the whole nine yards of what had really happened.

He related to me that it was the scariest experience he ever had on a ferry trip. He described to me that as soon as the passengers saw the unexplainable bright light, a deftly felt fear and excitement triggered a surge of adrenalin, resulting in the panic that almost culminated into a horrific disaster. They began screaming hysterically, many were weeping, and like stampeding wild horses, rushed towards one side of the ferry to get a glimpse of the “miracle,” causing the ferry to lean on one side that it nearly toppled!

The purser, with presence of mind, quickly turned off the music and announced over the loudspeaker, telling the passengers to get away from one side immediately or the ferry would sink. Only when the vessel began to tip over that the hysterical mob finally woke up from their foolishness and realized that they could really end up seeing the Holy Virgin prematurely – in the real McCoy place – called heaven.

When the light has finally dissipated (it was never explained by PAG-ASA what it was – though I suspect it was possibly a big meteor), everybody was traumatized both by the “miraculous light” and the tension of the near-disaster. Many housemaids approached the purser to play music in the ferry to lessen the stress of the event. They specifically asked him to play Eddie Peregrina songs, such as: I Believe, You’ll Never Walk Alone, and it should be followed by Two Lovely Flowers, Mardy, and Together Again. The purser told me that his anger towards the silly passengers would not go away just like that. Instead of playing an Eddie Peregrina song, he played a Chinese song of Hongkong recording artist Nancy Sit. This really pissed the housemaids off.

“We paid our fares!” Screamed some of them. “We want Eddie Peregrina songs, not Chekwa songs!”

Chekwa is a derogatory slang for Chinese.

But, their screams fell on the deaf ears of the purser. He was still seething from the awful near-disaster. Hence, the whole trip was graced by Nancy Sit’s Chinese songs that nobody understood and appreciated. The loud songs blasted the eardrums of the housemaids until the ferry had finally reached its destination.

And the “miracle?”

Oh, well, at least the kids have enjoyed their so-called “fifteen-minute fame.”

The panicking passengers would have caused the ferry to sink, just like the photo above.

Meanwhile, Virgin Mary sightings kept happening in the Philippines. In the 1980’s, some children from Ilocos also claimed the appearance of the virgin. Apparently, she talked about the mission of each child. Many believers, fence-sitters, and nonbelievers went to Ilocos in droves. Fights happened because the nonbelievers were there to taunt the believers, and the believers, naturally were pissed off. Thank God the fence sitters were there to pacify the warring groups.

But, let’s go back to the 1970’s, one of the most interesting and wackiest decades on earth.

I have four older sisters. When I was a child, my mother and my sisters would always read me stories. They also introduced me to the alphabet. At the age of five, I was already reading the Manila Times. When I went to school that year, the only thing my Grade 1 teacher had to teach me was writing. It was also the time when I started drawing.

The practice of reading the newspaper daily became habitual for me. During my adolescent years, the first thing I would do in the morning was have coffee while reading the morning paper. As a teenager, one morning, while browsing Panorama, a magazine supplement of the Manila Bulletin, I saw an article on a woman who claimed to have seen the Santo Niño (Baby Jesus).

This time, the visionary was not a child, but an adult named Sister Thelma.

“Now that was a new twist,” I said to myself.

Jose Rizal's residence in Calamba, Laguna.

The article described her as a healer, a God-sent individual whose mission was to heal the sick and emancipate the ailing spirits of people in turmoil. She claimed that the Santo Niño, God the Father, and the Immaculate Concepcion, had told her to build a chapel in a particular location in Calamba, Laguna, where a spring would appear and its water would heal the sick. People came in droves in Laguna to see Sister Thelma. Many have claimed to have been healed by her. She would go into a trance and would use her tongue by licking the wounds of many of her patients. She also used a wooden cross and coconut oil. She would pour oil on the cross, then lay it flat on the patient’s skin. When the patient had no illness, the cross will fall. If the patient was ill, the cross would stick on the patient’s skin and only Sister Thelma who could remove it.

“Holy shit,” was my reaction. “This one is definitely an uber faith healer. Licking the wounds. My, my. I just have to meet this person,” I told my girlfriend.

So, my girlfriend and I drove to Calamba, Laguna to see Sister Thelma.

This visionary was a thirty-something small woman with smooth olive-skin and a winsome smile that instantly melted my heart. Talking to her, I have felt – or imagined to have felt – a certain tenderness that surged allover deep within me. Could it be this charisma that made so many people trust her and surrender their salvation completely in her? She was extremely busy healing many people that day and she promised to see me the following week at the Broadcast City in Quezon City.

On the day of our meeting at the TV network, I announced to everyone that the well-publicized healer from Laguna would be coming to the studio for an interview. She arrived with two assistants. She was wearing the white habit and the white veil that she was wearing during the healing sessions. We sat across from each other at a desk and started the interview. While I was talking to her, there came a time when she suddenly fell into a trance. Her voice became like a little child and continued answering my questions. I noticed that producers, directors, actors and production people started to gather around us. Soon, we were surrounded by many people. A lady production assistant whispered to me, saying that she had been stung by a poisonous jelly fish on the beach in Cavite and the nasty wound was not healing. She asked me whether I could ask Sister Thelma if she could help her. But, before I could tell Sister Thelma about her problem, the latter turned around and said:

“Come to me, my child,” the childlike voice said. “I will heal the wound in your leg.”

The production assistant was taken aback and so was I. She approached Sister Thelma and the healer started licking the patient’s wound. After a while, the healer became very stiff. The assistants hold her and let her lie on the floor.

At this point, comedian Gary Lising taunted the lady in trance, stumping his foot near her, saying: “Cut! Cut! The scene is over! Cut!”

Suddenly, Sister Thelma spoke in a low, deep man’s voice: “I want you to listen to me! Come closer!”

The comedian kneeled on the floor and leaned towards Sister Thelma. He moved his ear closer to her mouth. She whispered something to him. The comedian’s expression suddenly changed. He got up and left, leaving everyone baffled. When the healer came to, her assistants lifted her to her feet and I asked everyone to leave us alone for the interview.

Funnyman Gary Lising.

She was an only child. She was a spoiled brat. Whatever she wanted, she got. At 17, she fancied to be queen at the town fiesta. Despite the expense, her father obliged. When she was going to college, her father asked her for just one thing: to finish her studies before getting married. She was on her last year in university when she eloped. Her father never forgave her. She and her husband lived a difficult life. They had two children. One day her husband got killed. It was an unsolved murder. The police officer who was assigned to the case became her second husband. When her mother was dying, she went to visit her, but at the doorway, he father stopped her and told her to go away. Her mother died, and she wasn’t even allowed to attend the burial. After two years, her father had a stroke and while bedridden, he summoned her through her best friend. The father asked forgiveness, and she willingly forgave him, then asked for his forgiveness as well.

She inherited all her parents’ properties. Her new husband convinced her to start a minimart. She obliged. She also bought an expensive car for him. She also sold her parents’ house to buy another in a subdivision. But, the husband became a compulsive gambler. They lost the minimart, the car, and now the house is in danger of being foreclosed by the bank because they didn’t pay it in full. Faced by her husbands’ beating, hunger, and the prospect of homelessness, she attempted to poison her two children from her first marriage and the baby from her second husband. It was when the apparition of a child stopped her from doing it. He told her to go to the house of a cancer patient that she didn’t know in Canlubang. Afraid, she went and found the patient’s house. She introduced herself and told her what her mission was. Not knowing what to do, she massaged the neck of the patient. She then told her she was coming back the next day to continue healing her. But, she had no intention of coming back. That night, the apparition of the child appeared again and persuaded her to go back to heal the sick. She did. The patient was healed, and her husband mended his ways when he saw what was happening. Many people were healed.

She then told me that the apparition (the Santo Niño), gave her a mission: to build a chapel where a spring would arise and the water will heal the sick. When her youngest son Kristopher reaches the age of seven, she will die. And Kristopher will continue her mission until his death.

The TV episode would have been about the miracles of the healer. However, after my interview with her, I did my own further research and undercover work. Sister Thelma omitted one thing about her life. She, it turned out, was a former radio drama talent. This discovery gave me enough reason to debunk her claims, especially the changing voices. And yet, I discovered another thing that I could never explain. While wearing a disguise and dark sunglasses, I came to the healing session to observe. When she fell into a trance, four men were trying to lift her yet they couldn’t do it. I came to their rescue and helped. She was just too heavy to be lifted. It boggled my mind how a 120 lbs woman who was slightly taller than Nora Aunor would become so heavy and impossible to be lifted by five men.

When I sat down to write the two-hour episode done in semi-documentary style by including actual footages of the healing sessions and interviews, I could no longer just write a straight-forward healing story. I was compelled to write the story of Sister Thelma, the woman. Sister Thelma the person, who, despite her little weaknesses didn’t deserve to be treated like a rag. She was a beautiful person, someone far from being a saint, but someone with a good heart who gave so much to her loved ones and the throngs of people who came daily to be healed. What was amazing was the fact that she never charged even a cent. But, the well-off insisted on giving her subsistence which she reluctantly accepted. But, the most important thing was: she gave hope to the hopeless, and the miracles might not even be true miracles but might be some sort of a placebo effect. Divine intervention or not, Sister Thelma remained a beautiful person who deserved to be respected and accepted. And who else would play this role with panace and grace but Gina Alajar? Indeed, she played the role brilliantly.

Gina Alajar, played the role of Sister Thelma. Gina, even now, is one of Philippines' fantastic actresses.

My only regret is: I left the country soon after this episode had aired. I have totally lost the tract of whatever happened to Sister Thelma’s plight after that.

Did she really die after seven years?

People of Calamba, Laguna do you know what really happened?


Blogger Wordsmith said...

Thank you, or should I say muchas gracias, for sharing this with us.

I hope that someone will come forward to inform you about what happened to Sister Thelma.

As an aside, your post has reminded me of the faith and fake healers I interviewed and wrote about in a series for True Ghost for Atlas in the mid- to late 80s. One of them, Sister Sharon, was like Sister Thelma in so many ways. The similarities (not including the way the latter healed those afflicted) were so uncanny I felt goose bumps while reading your piece...

November 21, 2009 at 5:36 AM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Muchas gracias and muchos gracias for visiting. Someone asked me the difference between the two, so I am using both expressions to remind him of the difference.

I find it quite amazing that we have so many faith healers in the country – that it's always difficult to distinguish the genuine ones from the con artists. Either way, the experience can be overwhelming.

As for the ferry ride, I really haven't tried it there in RP. But, I think it can be another bizarre experience being surrounded by all sorts of characters such as the ones who rushed to one side of the vessel just to get a glimpse of the light.

I just hope all the passengers are required to wear life vests.

You're lucky to have the opportunity to write stories about faith healers. This topic has a very wide scope and a writer will have so much fun exploring it.

Faith healers are indeed an intriguing bunch. Sometimes, though, the ones who wear those outrageous costumes I find less convincing. The ones like Sister Thelma who can pass as a Christian Dior model in white flowing gown with an olive complexion to boot – are the most appealing.

I don't mind being "healed" by them.
The last sentence is "dyok onli" :)

November 21, 2009 at 2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Por diyos, por diyes, por singko, por santo & santita,

huwag kayong magpapaniwala sa mga FAITH HEALERS na ito dahil lahat sila ay mga CHARLATANS, at lahat rin sila ay mga AHENTE ng mga DEMONYO dahil ang kunwari na mga HEALING POWERS nila ay galing sa mga demonyo.

Isa pa, WALA NA NGAYON TOTOONG MGA FAITH HEALERS, ang huling may knowledge o kaalaman sa totoong faith healing ay ang mga apostols ni Jesus, sinabi mismo ito ni Paul sa 1Corinthians 13:8-10.

Kaya ang sinuman nagamot kuno ng faith healer ay ginamot siya ng demonyo. Ang totoo ay WALA siyang sakit, NILANSI lang siya ng demonyo sa pamamagitan ng faith healer. Sa ibang salita ay nademonyo siya, hhhhhhh .......

- Kapre

November 21, 2009 at 3:14 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:


Nademonyo pala ako. HHHHHHH.

Huwag kang mag-alala. Hindi naman ako nagpagamot dahil wala naman akong sakit. Pero dahil ang tema ay very Biblical, ginamitan namin ng mga filters ang eksena at habang pinanonood mo'y may kilabot na gagapang sa iyong katawan, lalo pa't napakagaling ng artistang gumanap.

Ang iba siguro'y hindi naman mga charlatans. They have the seaire to help, and, tulad nga ng sinabi ko, kahi't ito'y PLACEBO effect lang sa nagpapagamot, naiibsan ang kanilang worries, lalo pa't kung ang karamndaman ay psychosomatic.

Pero ang kagandahan naman kay Sister Thelma ay sinasabihan niya ang mga pasyente na magpunta sa doctor pagkatapos ng healing, para masigurong gumaling na nga sila.

Mabuti na lang at hindi ako nahambalos ng dos por dos noong mag-undercover ako sa pag-iimbistaiga.


November 21, 2009 at 3:29 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

oooops. My keyboarding is less than stellar so please bear with me. Please look at the capitalized corrections as to what I meant.

"They have the DESIRE to help, and, tulad nga ng sinabi ko, kahi't ito'y PLACEBO effect lang sa nagpapagamot, naiibsan ang kanilang worries, lalo pa't kung ang karamndaman ay psychosomatic."

November 21, 2009 at 3:34 PM  
Blogger JIBRAN said...

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November 21, 2009 at 3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


bawal na bawal sa Bibliya ang faith healing mula ng mamatay ang mga apostols ni Jesus at nuong bago dumating si Jesus dahil indirectamenta na parang ang nilalapitan dito ay ang mga demonyo. Ginawa ito ni haring Saul ng Israel nuon na sa halip na lumapit sa Diyos ay lumapit siya sa ahente ng demonyo na ang resulta ay lalong gumulo ang kanyang pag-iisip at sa huli ay namatay siya.

Kung psychosomatic ang sakit ay manalangin directo sa Diyos at mag-relax o pahingahan ang isip at katawan. Huwag lalapit sa mga faith healers dahil mga ahente ito ng mga demonyo at dahil ang resulta rin nito ay baka mademonyo siya na kagaya sa nangyari kay haring Saul.

- Kapre

November 21, 2009 at 4:21 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Supremong Kapre:

Good advice. Also, make sure to go to legit doctors to be sure exactly what's ailing a patient.

Keep an open mind, but better sure than sorry.

November 21, 2009 at 4:59 PM  
Blogger Wordsmith said...


I did not write stories about faith healers in the time frame mentioned. It was a series of articles.

You were right: chasing all sort of faith and fake healers was like little adventures. I learned a lot from those.

Supremong Kapre,

Makikisagot na lang po, if you don't mind.

Agree ako na maraming fake healers. In my humble opinion, I think the majority are charlatans, as you said. But I found one or two who were genuine healers. They did not charge anything, they remained simple in their life (despite the material things given as a gift by those people they had healed), and they asked those who came to them to seek the ultimate help from God.

And then again, I have to add with regards to this one healer (Sister Sharon especially who did her healing from her tiny, tiny apartment in Caloocan, and who was supposed to have done with her mission in the year 2000; supposed kasi hindi ko na nasubaybayan), that it was not her who healed the patient but his/her Faith in God.

November 21, 2009 at 9:30 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


I didn't realize Atlas did publish articles on faith healing before.

Like what Supremong Kapre has said, many faith healers are charlatans, but I also agree with you that some are truly there just to help their fellow man.

I lived in the Bicol region and I have seen how the MANGHIHILOT would heal so many people. And these were simple folks who were just trying to share the "gift" they possess to their neighbors and other people in their community.

I remember an incident when I was about 8 years old. I was playing with the farmer's children when they decided to ride on the back of a Carabao (water buffalo). It was my first time to ride on top of that huge gentle beast. We were three together on top of the animal and I was having so much fun – until the Carabao reached a stiff downhill, and being inexperienced, instead of leaning back, we all bent forward! Needless to say, a disaster happened. We all ended up falling, and one of the kids went down smack onto my wrist!

I broke my left wrist and a manghihilot had to manipulate my hand and wrist, massaged it with some fragrant herbs he gathered on the riverbanks and put bandage around my wrist and hand. My grandfather took me to the hospital afterwards, where an X-ray was done. The result revealed a broken wrist, alright, but was positioned perfectly back to its proper place by the manghihilot.

Without this manghihilot, the poor people who can't afford to go to the hospital for treatment will go nowhere to be healed. I think these local healers are God-sent!

This is the kind of faith healing I like. I don't think it is something being delivered by Satan.

Or... is it, Supremong Kapre?
What do you think? I'm curious to hear what you think about these Arbolarios (herbalists).

November 22, 2009 at 9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ang MANGHIHILOT ay hindi faith healer. Ang magaling na manghihilot ay kabisado ang bali ng mga buto natin at alam nila kung paano hilutin ito para ibalik sa dati. Ang kaalaman nila ay ituro sa kanila ng mga manghihilot rin.

Ang ALBULARYO ay hindi rin faith healer. Ang mga albularyo ay meron mga alam na mga gamot sa mga sakit na galing sa mga dahon o ugat ng mga kahoy at iba pa na itinuro sa kanila ng mga albularyo rin. Halimbawa, maraming mga modernong gamot ng mga doctors ngayon ay ninakaw sa mga gamot ng mga albularyo.

Ang mga FAITH HEALERS ay gumagamot sa pamamagitan ng FAITH kaya tinawag silang mga faith healers. Gumagawa ng mga FAKE na mga milagro ito. Kunwari tumatawag rin sila sa diyos pero ang totoo ay HINDI nila tinatawag o binabanggit ang tunay na pangalan ng Diyos dahil ang tunay na diyos nila ay demonyo. Alam ba ninyo ang tunay na pangalan ng Diyos? Dito sa US ay ang daming mga faith healers sa TV na mga tele-evangelists na gumagawa ng mga milagro kuno at ginagamot nila ang mga pilay, bingi at iba pang mga may sakit. Ang mga luko-lukong ito ay iwasan ninyo dahil nainpluwensiya o tinuruan sila ng mga demonyo para mangluko, o LAHAT NG MGA FAITH HEALERS ay iwasan ninyo dahil MGA AHENTE ITO NG MGA DEMONYO.

- Kapre

November 22, 2009 at 10:24 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


Mga fake nga ang milagro nina Angley, Swaggart, Popoff at marami pang iba. Itong mga nabanggit ay nangungulekta ng minyones na tulad ni Brother Mike Velarde galing sa kanilang mga kabig.

Kaya nga mukhang magtatayo na rin si Auggie ng EL PUDDAI sa Bicol para makompitensiya si Velarde.


November 22, 2009 at 10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ito pag-isipan ninyo ang versong ito sa Bibliya.

2Corinthians 11:14,15,
"14 And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light. 15 It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness."

Kagaya nga ng sinabi ng apostol na si Paul sa 1 C0rinthians 13:8-10 na wala na ngayon faith healing. At kung meron man gumagawa ng faith healing ngayon ay nagpapanggap ito na minister of righteousness at siya ay ministro o ahente ni Satanas.

Kaya huwag kayong lalapit o maniniwala sa mga faith healers na ito dahil ang labas niyan ay ang nilalapitan o pinaniniwalaan ninyo ay mga ahente ni Satanas, o indirectly ang nilalapitan o pinaniniwalaan ninyo ay si Satanas. Nakakapanghilakbot, hhhhhhh .......

November 22, 2009 at 10:52 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Naku po, Supremong Kapre:

Kami ni Wordsmith ay parehong lumapit sa Faith Healer dahil ininterview namin sila. Ang ibig bang sabihin nito ay pareho na pala kaming maggiging kondenada at kondenado? Kapwa na kami mabubulid sa dagat-dagatang apoy?


November 22, 2009 at 11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


PWERA SIBANG ! yung Sibang, anong category ito, pang manghihilot, arbularyo, o Faith Healer? di ba nilalawayan lang sa tiyan ang Nasibang?

KOLEBRA? anong klaseng sakit ito? wala ito sa listahan ng mga Doctor, pero nagagamot ito ng mga PARABULONG sa SORSOGON.

Surep, ganoon din ito, wala din ito sa listahan ng mga Doctor.

Yung tungkol sa fake na Faith Healing eh witness din ako diyan. Diyan somewhere sa urban slums ng Cubao. Iniiba-ba lang ang tono ng boses kunyari kuno pagsinasaniban na kuno ng Sto.Nino.


Magagandang script sana iyan para sa X-FILES ano? Bakit nawala yun? what's the inside story? ang ganda pa naman.

Yes, EDDIE PEREGRINA, was the MALE VERSION OF NORA AUNOR. Sayang at maagang namatay sa Vehicular mishap. Do you wonder kung bakit nakakarelate ang masa sa mga kanta niya? sa tingin ko very mediocre ang production values ng recording ,pero tumatabo ng pera. Tunog lata ang mga instruments sa pandinig ko eh. BTW , Architecture sa UST si Eddie P.


November 22, 2009 at 11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


PWERA SIBANG ! yung Sibang, anong category ito, pang manghihilot, arbularyo, o Faith Healer? di ba nilalawayan lang sa tiyan ang Nasibang?

KOLEBRA? anong klaseng sakit ito? wala ito sa listahan ng mga Doctor, pero nagagamot ito ng mga PARABULONG sa SORSOGON.

Surep, ganoon din ito, wala din ito sa listahan ng mga Doctor.

Yung tungkol sa fake na Faith Healing eh witness din ako diyan. Diyan somewhere sa urban slums ng Cubao. Iniiba-ba lang ang tono ng boses kunyari kuno pagsinasaniban na kuno ng Sto.Nino.


Magagandang script sana iyan para sa X-FILES ano? Bakit nawala yun? what's the inside story? ang ganda pa naman.

Yes, EDDIE PEREGRINA, was the MALE VERSION OF NORA AUNOR. Sayang at maagang namatay sa Vehicular mishap. Do you wonder kung bakit nakakarelate ang masa sa mga kanta niya? sa tingin ko very mediocre ang production values ng recording ,pero tumatabo ng pera. Tunog lata ang mga instruments sa pandinig ko eh. BTW , Architecture sa UST si Eddie P.


November 22, 2009 at 11:45 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...


I think you hit the mark. The masses related to his songs because they were all maudlin and very simply written and composed.

However, once we had a Swim Meet here in Vancouver and after the affair, while I was having a shower, there was this Italian guy singing TWO LOVELY FLOWERS. Nagulat ako. Tinanong ko kung saan niya natutuhan itong kanta. Ang sagot: "Eddie Peregrina. I thought at first he was a woman. The voice was like a woman."

Apparently, CBC played Peregrina's song and he heard it and bought the CD.


Oo nga pala, yung arbolaryong gumagamit ng laway, baka demonyito rin ang mga ito, Supremong Kapre.


November 23, 2009 at 12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iyong arborlaryong gumagamit ng laway para gamutin ang nasibang, parabulong na gumagamot ng kolebra at saka ang mga sureptista ay nasa malawakan grupo na ito ng mga SPIRITISTA, ang faith healers ay subgroup lang nito. LAHAT ng mga spiritista ay mga ahente ito ng mga demonyo.

Bawal na bawal sa Bibliya ang lumapit sa mga spiritista dahil mga representante rin ito ng mga demonyo. At lahat ng mga bagay na konektado sa mga spiritismo ay iwasan ito, kagaya halimbawa ng larong spirit of the glass at iba pa dahil tinatawag dito ang mga demonyo. Si haring Saul ng Israel ay lumapit ito sa spiritista kaya nademonyo ito at namatay. Tungkol sa maka-demonyong spiritism ay basahin ang Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

Ang mag-interview ng mga faith healers o spiritists ay iwasan ito dahil baka ma-inpluwensiya kayo nito na kagaya ng iba sa inyo na naniniwala na dito. Dahil hindi pa alam ng iba sa inyo na bawal na bawal sa Bibliya ang lumapit sa mga faith healers o spiritists ay puwede kayong pagpasensiyahan ng Diyos dahil inosente kayo dito, pero ngayon alam na ninyo ito at ginawa pa ninyong lumapit sa mga ahenteng ito ng mga demonyo ay sigurado ng paghahatawin kayo ni Kristo ng DOS-POR-DOS dahil sa kabuangan ninyo, HHHHHHH.......

- Kapre

November 23, 2009 at 12:31 PM  
Blogger Wordsmith said...

Mamang Kapre,

Palagay ko, na-satisfy na nang lubusan ang aking curiosity tungkol sa mga faith/fake healers.

Mas ayoko na lalo dahil sabi n'yo nga, baka ako mahambalos ng dos-por-dos :D. Masakit yata iyon!

But seriously, I must admit that I felt some kind of dread with over half of the faith healers I interviewed and tried to interview. It wasn't just woman's intuition on my part, my having felt that weird feeling.

Palagay ko, that dread could be attributed to what you said, na they're agents of the devil, and (me) being sensitive, I felt evil lurking in them.

Ang mga herbularyo, definitely not agents of the devil as you said. Pero what about New Age practitioners who use herbs for healing and (love and money) attraction, are they agents of the devil din ba, in your opinion?

(Pasensiya na, JM, for using your blog to pick Mamang Kapre's brain)

Ayokong manggaya sa mga HHHHHHHHHH ninyo, pero walang smileys dito kasi.

November 24, 2009 at 4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


walang masama sa herbularyo kung ang panggagamot niya ay gumagamit lang siya ng mga dahon, bulaklak, ugat, at iba pa na galing sa mga kahoy at halaman, parang kagaya sila sa mga herbal doctors ngayon. Ang masama ay kung ang mga herbularyo ay hinahaluan nila ng SPIRITISMO ang panggagamot nila.

Meron naman mga herbalists na may kasama pang attraction ang panggagamot nila. Ehemplo ay ang mga nagtitinda ng mga gamot na mga ventriloquists pa ito na gumagamit ng mga puppets na makikita mo sila kung panahon ng mga fiesta sa atin. Mag-ingat sa mga manlulukong ito dahil mga hustlers ito. Minsan ang nanay ko ay bumili sa kanila nuon ng isang botelya na gamot daw sa rayuma, iyon pala ay rubbing alcohol lang na nilagyan ng sili, hhhhhhh .......

Pero itong mga herbalists na ventriloquists pa ay ginagaya ang technique ni Satanas ng demonyohin at lukohin nito si Eva sa hardin ng Eden. Itong si Satanas kasi ay nag-ventiloquist rin pero ang puppet na ginamit nito ay ahas. Hindi nakita ni Eva si Satanas dahil spirit ito, ang nakita at narinig lang niya na nagsalita ay ang ahas.

Indirectly, itong mga herbalists na ventriloquists pa ay parang maliliit na anak ni Satanas dahil ang motibo nila ay MANGLUKO sa mga tao. Sabi kasi sa Bibliya sa John 8:44 na ang TATAY NG MGA MANGLULUKO ay si Satanas.

Ito pala ang apat na mga verso sa Bibliya na dapat tandaan ng sinuman para malaman niya kung ang ministro na faith healer rin ng anumang relihiyon o sinumang faith healer ay ministro o ahente siya ni Satanas.

Ang tandaan lang palagi ay ang sinabi ni apostol Paul sa 1Corinthians 13:8-10 na WALA na NGAYON na mga KAALAMAN sa faith healing, milagro, speaking in tongues, etc.

Tandaan rin ang sinabi ni Moses sa Deuteronomy 18:10-12 na IWASAN ang spiritism, divination, magic, sorcery, binding others with a spell, fortune telling, inquiring of the dead, etc.

At tandaan rin uli ang sinabi ni Paul sa 2Corinthians 11:14-15 na ang mga ministro ni Satanas ay nagkukunwaring mga ministers of righteousness, madalas rin magkunwari ang mga kumag na ito na meron daw silang love sa kapwa.

At ang panghuling tandaan ay ang sinabi ni Jesus sa Matthew 10:8 na "you received free, give free."

Gawin natin na ehemplo ang mga faith healers na TV evangelists. Ang mga tele-evangelists ay gumagawa ng mga milagro, pero wala ng milagro ngayon ayon sa unang verso sa itaas. Parang magic ang panggagamot ng mga tele-evangelists na ito na bawal ayon sa pangalawang verso sa itaas. Itong mga tele-evangelists ay kunwari mahal nila ang mga tagasunod sa kanila at nagpapanggap sila na mga ministers of righteousness ayon sa pangatlong verso sa itaas. At ang mga tele-evangelists na ito ay nanghuhuthot ng kuwarta sa mga naniniwala sa kanila, taliwas ito sa sinabi sa pang-apat na verso sa itaas na tumanggap sila ng libre kaya dapat libre rin ang bigay nila. Conclusion, ang lahat ng mga tele-evangelists ay mga ahente o mga ministro ni Satanas.

Bakit ko sinabi na LAHAT? Paano kung ang isang tele-evangelist ay hindi gumagawa ng milagro o hindi niya nasalungat ang apat na mga verso sa itaas? Lahat kasi ng mga tele-evangelists ay dumating sa pangalan ni Jesus at sinasabi nila na si Jesus ay si Kristo pero ang pakay nila ay MANGLUKO sa spiritual, batay ito sa Matthew 24:5. Kagaya ng mga MANGLULUKONG herbalists na ventiloquists pa na mga anak ni Satanas, itong mga tele-evangelists ay mga MANGLULUKONG ministrong anak rin ni Satanas.

- Kapre

November 24, 2009 at 7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Natatandaan mo pala si PELIKITOT, yung puppet ng voice thrower. Matagal ng panahon wala akong nakikitang ganyan. Maraming ganyan sa Sorsogon noon. Teka ang LAMPLIGHTERS, ba eh sa demonyo rin, sila yung original na hippie....


November 25, 2009 at 5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


ito ang mga verso sa Bibliya para suriin at malaman ng sinuman kung ang isang maka-mundong relihiyon o organisasyon ay relihiyon o organisasyon ni Satanas.

Batay sa Ephesians 4:3-6 ay IISA lang ang tunay na relihiyon ng Diyos, at ang LAHAT ng mga maka-mundong relihiyon ay mga relihiyon ni Satanas.

Batay sa John 5:43 na sinabi ni Jesus na dumating siya sa PANGALAN ng Amang Diyos at hindi sa kanyang pangalan na Jesus kaya ang nag-iisang tunay na relihiyon ng Diyos ay dapat dumating rin sa pangalan ng ng Diyos.

Batay sa Matthew 24:5 na ang mga maka-mundong relihiyon ay dumarating ang mga ito na basado sa pangalan ni Jesus, sinasabi nila na si Jesus ay si Kristo pero ang pakay nila ay MANGLUKO.

Batay sa Acts 15:14 na ang mga miyembro na mula sa lahat ng mga nations sa buong mundo ng nag-iisang tunay na relihiyon ng Diyos ay kilala sa PANGALAN ng Diyos.

Batay sa 2Corinthians 11:14-15 na ang mga ministro ng mga maka-mundong relihiyon ay nagpapanggap na mga ministers of righteousness na kagaya ng boss nilang si satanas.

Batay sa Matthew 24:14 ang nag-iisang tunay na relihiyon ng Diyos ay preacher ng GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD para ang kaharian ito ay palitan ang global na RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL at COMMERCIAL na mga kaharian ni Satanas sa buong mundo.

Testingin natin ang LAMLIGHTERS batay sa anim na mga verso sa itaas. Ang Lamplighters ay religious organization ito. Ito ba ay tunay batay sa unang verso? Pero batay sa pangalawang verso na ito ay dumating sa pangalan ng Lamplighters at hindi sa pangalan ng Diyos. Batay sa pangatlong verso na itong organisasyon na ito ay ginagamit nila ang pangalan ni Jesus at sinasabi rin nila na si Jesus ay si Kristo. Batay sa pang-apat na verso sa itaas na ang mga miyembro ng Lamplighters ay tinatawag na mga lamplighters at hindi sila kilala sa pangalan ng Diyos. Batay sa pang-limang verso na ang mga lamplighters ay mga ministro kuno ng righteousness dahil sa humanitarian na mga gawa nila. Pero batay sa pang-anim na verso sa itaas ang mga lamplighters ay hindi mga preachers of the good news of the kingdom of God. Samakatuwid, ang LAMPLIGHTERS ay isa lang sa mga maliliit na mga religious organizations ni Satanas sa mundo. Ngayon, subukan ninyong testingin ang mga relihiyon ninyo kung makalusot batay sa anim na mga verso sa itaas.

Ngayon kung malaman ninyo na ang mga relihiyon ninyo ay mga relihiyon ni Satanas, batay sa Revelation 18:4,5, ay UMALIS kayo dito at pumunta sa nag-iisang tunay na relihyon ng Diyos dahil kung matigas ang mga ulo ninyo at hindi ninyo sundin ang UTOS ng Diyos sa versong ito ay higit pa sa dos-por-dos ang aabutin ninyo, BURADO tiyak kayo, HHHHHHH....... At sa huli ay magiging mga ABONO pa kayo na pampataba sa lupa, basahin ito sa Jeremiah 25:33.

Pero puwera biro, seryosohin ninyong saliksikin ang mga versong binanggit ko dahil medyo malapit na ang ARMAGEDDON.

- Kapre

November 25, 2009 at 1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr. (Jose Mari) Lee. I just came across your blogs where you mentioned about the Marian apparitions on Cabra Island. I was a college student there in 1978 when I bought and read a book called THE APPARITIONS OF CABRA ISLET, written by Mr. T. Albano. According to the book's preface, that author interviewed the girls/seers who witnessed those numerous apparitions and stayed on that island for a number of years. He even started a non-profit high school there at the time. I also heard about Sister Thelma - I was a student at UP Los Banos at the time. What a coincidence. Your blogs made me feel very nostalgic and, yes, not a little homesick, too.
Thank you for writing them, and may the Lord bless you for all your goodwill and efforts.

Ed Casdev

December 22, 2009 at 8:06 PM  
Blogger TheCoolCanadian said...

Hi Ed:

Thanks a lot for giving us some update. We all wonder what happened later and it's good to know.


December 22, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

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