Monday, February 9, 2009


Two eerie series by Mars Ravelo that I really like were:


Asuwang was serialized in EXTRA KOMIKS in 1960-1961. Ravelo was at his best when he wrote period pieces. Among the best were Asuwang and Maruja. Asuwang was drawn by FELIPE ILAG. Though he was a proponent of FV COCHING, Ilag’s innovations made his work such a joy to behold. Like Rico Rival’s Maruja (set in the late 1800's - the series' beginning), Asuwang was set in the late 1800s as well, and Ravelo captured the period’s pulse like the way Rizal captured the Philippine society during his time.

Rico Rival’s MARUJA illustrations were his best. His costuming and fashion of late 1800s were very authentic looking. In fact, I chose him to be my illustrator for my Graphic novel Angelus (in the 1980s) because of his glorious work in Maruja.

And VIR AGUIRRE? He had drawn so many series that I dare say – were the most beautiful illustrations in Philippine Komiks history.

Here are the samplers of Ilag, Aguirre and Rival.